Riddle: A man applied for a job in an office. When he arrived at the busy, noisy office he was told by an attendant to fill out a form and then wait until he was called. He finished filling out the form and then waited with four other men who had arrived earlier. A few minutes later he was called to the inner office and was given the job. The other candidates were angry but the manager gave them a good reason why the man had been given the job. What was the reason?

(bet your friends that they won't get the answer; because they won't)
Answer: This happened in the 1800s.The man applied for a telegraph operator. Among the background noises was a Morse code saying "if you understand the, walk into the inner office." It was a test of theit alertness and skill. He was the only one who passed.
Invisible Message Riddle Meme.
Invisible Message Riddle Meme.
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