Riddle: There are 10 bags of marbles. 9 bags contain 10 ounce marbles. 1 bag contains 9 ounce marbles. With a scale you have to figure out how to figure out which bag contains the 9 ounce marbles. But you have to follow the following rules.

you can use a scale
You can use an empty sack
You can only use the scale once, using not more than one sack on the scale.
Each bag contains different amounts of marbles that are different sizes.
Answer: You would set the sacks of marbles in a line. Take an empty sack and take one marble out of the first bag, 2 out of the second, 3 out of the third and so on all the way up to the tenth bag in which you would take 10. Weigh the bag if it ends in 9 it is the first bag, 8 it is the second, 7 it is the third, 6 it is the forth and so on. If it ends in 0 it is the tenth bag.
10 bags of marbles Riddle Meme.
10 bags of marbles Riddle Meme.
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