Riddle: Three men went to a hotel and asked for a room. The hotel clerk said it would be $30 for a room.
Each of the men paid an even $10 to pay for the room. Once the men got in the room the hotel clerk noticed she had charged them $5 too much, so she gave the bellboy $5 too take to the men. The bellboy wondered how to divide $5 unto 3 men, so he kept 2 of the dollars and gave each man $1. If each man paid $10 and they each got one back they really only paid $9 each right. Well if the three men each paid a total of $9 ($9 times 3 men is $27 total)and the bellboy kept$2 9 times 3 = 27 + the bellboy's 2 = 29 were is the last dollar? (the men paid 30 to begin with)
Answer: The bellboy had $5 and each man paid $10. The clerk took 5 out of the 30 leaving $25, so all together the men paid $25 the bellboy gave one dollar to each of them, but they still paid only $25 altogether. 25 + the 3 they got back from the bellboy + the 2 the bellboy had = $30
Hotel Room Riddle Meme.
Hotel Room Riddle Meme.
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