Riddle: you are lost in a desert going to a friends house (as odd as it may sound) and you come to a fork in the road you dont know which way to go and you sit and think the days go on and you become tierd and thirsty and even started hillusinating then you look to your right and see an abandond mall with two boys there one allwase lied one allwase ells the truth and you can only ask both one question or one of them two what do you ask?
Answer: there are 3 ways to answer this riddle

1: malls are NEVER abandoned
2: the boys arent there your hillusinateing
3: ask one boy which way is up if he points down ask the other boy which way to go
if he points up ask him
fork in the road Riddle Meme.
fork in the road Riddle Meme.
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