Riddle: One electrician was called over and was paid $48 to fix the TV, but was only half way through fixing it which was alright and what the family expected. Three other electricians came over to fix the same TV, but halved the TV's reception and got de-promoted, and the de-promotion increased the first electricians daily salary by $20. He fixed the TV back to half way fair and got paid the proper payment. That was all for the fortnight. How much did the first electrician get paid for the fortnight(It was a sunday so it's a FULL two weeks)?
Answer: 1.$48 for fixing the TV HALF WAY. = $48

2.1/4 of the reception failed, and increased his daily salary(let's add that at the end)

3.He fixed 1/4 of the TVs reception back to half way, so that is half of his payment from before, which adds $24. =$72

4.Now the salary, 14x$20=$280, $280+$72=$352
The electrician Riddle Meme.
The electrician Riddle Meme.
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