Riddle: There was a man with a goat, a wolf, and some cabbages was going to the market and he needed to get across a river. His boat could only carry two things(him included). His problem was that if he took the cabbages first, then the wolf would eat the goat. But If he took the wolf and left the goat and cabbages, then the goat would eat the cabbages. How did he get all three of them across the river without leaving any of them?
Answer: He took the goat first because he knew the wolf wouldn't eat the cabbages. Then, he took the wolf over, but on the way back, he picked up the goat with him. He drooped the goat off and took the cabbages and left them with the wolf and then went back and got the goat brought him over.
The man, goat, wolf, and cabbages Riddle Meme.
The man, goat, wolf, and cabbages Riddle Meme.
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