Riddle: Three men decide to rent a penthouse and split the bill 3 ways. They approached the cleark and ask for the room. The clerk charged them 30 bucks for the room. As the bell hop bring the guests to the room, the manager of the hotel calls the clerk and says the room the guest went to should have only cost them 25 bucks. The clerk was in a pickle. He knew he couldnt evenly split 5 dollars to the 3 guest, so he pocketed 2 dollars and gave each of the men a dollar each to keep it fair. Now the men spent 9 dollars each. So if the men spent 9 dollars each and there is 2 dollars in the clerks pocket , that only adds up to 29 dollars. Where did that extra dollar disapear to?
Answer: there is no extra dollar. The men received their share and the remainder of the cash is in the clerks pocket.
wheres my dollar Riddle Meme.
wheres my dollar Riddle Meme.
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