Riddle: Three men on a trip stop at a motel and pay ten dollars each to cover the thirty dollar cost. The manager later realizes that the price is actually twentyfive dollars and sends the bellman with five dollars.The bellman, being the saint that he is, keeps two dollars for himself so the men won't have to split five amongst three. The men each recieve one dollar and in effect have paid nie dollars each. Nine times three is twentyseven and the two that the bellman hs equals twenty nine. Out of the original thirty where did the other dollar go?
Answer: The two dollars must actually be subtracted from the twentyseven the men paid.
Men: $3
Manager: $25
Bellboy: $2
Total: $30
Solving the riddle:Priceless
Where's Our Dollar? Riddle Meme.
Where's Our Dollar? Riddle Meme.
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