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Funny Halloween riddles from the original Riddles website.  These are the best Halloween riddles, jokes, and brain teasers for kids and adults.  Entertain your classmates or share these Halloween riddles for kids with your family.

1. Riddle: What room do ghosts avoid?
Answer: The living room.

Riddle: What room do ghosts avoid? Answer: The living room.

2. Riddle: How do you spell candy in 2 letters?
Answer: c and y c(and)y.

3. Riddle: Which part of a road do Ghosts love to travel the most?
Answer: The Dead End.

4. Riddle: When is it bad luck to see a black cat?
Answer: When you are a mouse.

5. Riddle: Why did Snap, Crackle, and Pop get scared?
Answer: They heard there was a cereal killer on the loose.

Riddle: Why did Snap, Crackle and Pop get scared? Answer: They heard there was a cereal killer on the loose.

6. Riddle: What is harder to catch the faster you run?
Answer: Your breath!

7. Riddle: What is a ghost's favorite dessert?
Answer: Ice Scream.

8. Riddle: Which three letters can frighten a ghost away?
Answer: I C U.

9. Riddle: Why didn't the monster eat the crazy person?
Answer: He was allergic to nuts.

10. Riddle: What kind of candy would a prisoner want before he is executed?
Answer: A Life Saver.

11. Riddle: How do you fix a broken jack-o-lantern?
Answer: With a pumpkin patch.

Riddle: How do you fix a broken jack-o-lantern? Answer: With a pumpkin patch.

12. Riddle: How do you know that a vampire loves baseball?
Answer: Because he turns into a bat every night.

13. Riddle: Why do skeletons go on vacations alone?
Answer: Because they have no-body to go with.

14. Riddle: Why did the scarecrow win so many awards?
Answer: He was out-standing in his field!

15. Riddle: Why did the vampire take an art class?
Answer: He wanted to learn how to draw blood.

Riddle: Why did the vampire take an art class? Answer: He wanted to learn how to draw blood.

16. Riddle: I scream, You scream, We all scream. For what?
Answer: Ice cream.

17. Riddle: How do vampires like their food served?
Answer: In bite-size pieces.

18. Riddle: What kind of makeup is a ghost's favorite to wear?
Answer: Mas-scare-a.

19. Riddle: What do you call a wizard from outer space that can fly?
Answer: A flying sorcerer!

20. Riddle: How do spiders communicate?
Answer: Through the worldwide web.

21. Riddle: I'm like a doll, But I'm not for playing; I stand up straight, but if windy I may be laying; I'm well-known and famous for having no brain; I work outside both day and night in sunshine or in rain. What am I?
Answer: A Scarecrow.

22. Riddle: What did the spider say to the fly on Halloween?
Answer: The web is the trick and you are the treat.

23. Riddle: Where do baby ghosts go while their parents work?
Answer: To day-scare!

24. Riddle: You're in a room and there is a ghost in the room, but you're the only one in the room. How is this possible?
Answer: You're the ghost.

25. Riddle: I don't have eyes, but once I did see. Once I had thoughts, but now I'm white and empty. What am I?
Answer: I am a skull.

26. Riddle: Who was the most famous Skeleton detective?
Answer: Sherlock Bones.

27. Riddle: Why didn't the skeleton cross the road?
Answer: Because it didn’t have the guts.

28. Riddle: What was never scared but became petrified, can't make a bird but can make a bat, can't live in a house but would die to have one. What is it?
Answer: A tree.

29. Riddle: What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?
Answer: Frostbite.

30. Riddle: What instrument does a skeleton play?
Answer: Trombone.

31. Riddle: Why don't zombies eat popcorn with their fingers?
Answer: Because they prefer to eat their fingers separately.

32. Riddle: Where do wolves stay on vacation?
Answer: At a howl-iday inn.

33. Riddle: With pointed fangs, it sits in wait, With piercing force, its doles out fate, Over bloodless victims proclaiming its might, Eternally joining in a single bite. What am I?
Answer: I'm a Stapler.

34. Riddle: A guy was waiting at home, he swung a metal pole then took 3 left turns, and on his way back home there was a masked man waiting for him. What is he doing and who is the masked man?
Answer: He is playing baseball and the masked man is the Catcher.

35. Riddle: What is a ghost's favorite fruit?

36. Riddle: I can be hairy and itchy all over. I hang on a stick. I can be the scariest thing you have ever seen. I stand in the middle of nowhere. What am I?
Answer: A scarecrow!

37. Riddle: I'm under your face, I'm outside your mind; A biological case, Pressure brings pain sometimes. What am I?
Answer: Your skull.

38. Riddle: What do you get when you cross a black cat and a lemon?
Answer: A Sour Puss.

39. Riddle: Why are ghosts bad at lying?
Answer: Because you can see right through them.

40. Riddle: What do spiders like with their hamburgers?
Answer: French flies.

41. Riddle: I move without wings, between silken strings, I leave as you find, my substance behind. What am I?
Answer: A Spider

42. Riddle: Why did the spider get a job in I.T.?
Answer: Because he was a great web designer.

43. Riddle: Who makes it, has no need of it. Who buys it, has no use for it. He who use it can neither see nor feel it. What is it?
Answer: A Coffin.

44. Riddle: What do ghosts like to do on a Saturday night?
Answer: BOOGIE.

45. Riddle: What tops off a ghost's ice-scream sundae?
Answer: Whipped Scream.

46. Riddle: Why did the skeleton go to the barbecue?
Answer: To get some spare - ribs.

47. Riddle: How can you tell if a vampire is sick?
Answer: By how much he's coffin.

48. Riddle: What does a vegetarian zombie eat?
Answer: Graaaaaaaains!

49. Riddle: Duels of good and evil, A fighter of good am I, Revealed beside watched words, King of the black night sky. What am I?
Answer: The dark.

50. Riddle: What did the first casket say to the second casket?
Answer: Is that you coffin?

51. Riddle: I am dead but alive, I eat but am never satisfied, I consume knowledge but gain none. What am I?
Answer: A Zombie.

52. Riddle: How do you spot a modern spider?
Answer: She has a Web Site.

53. Riddle: Why didn't the skeleton use a towel?
Answer: Because he always comes out bone dry.

54. Riddle: I am the enemy of all that is good and right. Five letters--that is the length of my name. Remove the first and evil I remain.
Answer: The devil. (D-evil)

55. Riddle: What did the panda ghost say?
Answer: Bambooooooo

56. Riddle: Do vampires play tennis in their free time?
Answer: No they prefer bat-minton.

57. Riddle: I scream, I can be almost any shape or color, but everyone seems to talk about screaming when they talk about me. What am I?
Answer: An Ice Cream.

58. Riddle: What do you get when you cross Purell with the devil?
Answer: Hand Satanizer.

59. Riddle: What was the spider doing on the baseball team?
Answer: Catching flies.

60. Riddle: What are ghosts' favorite pants to wear?
Answer: Boo-jeans.

61. Riddle: What type of dog does a vampire have?
Answer: A Bloodhound!

62. Riddle: What did the tourist say to a vampire?
Answer: Do you know a good place to get a bite?

63. Riddle: What happens when a sea monster gets angry?
Answer: It causes a comm-ocean.

64. Riddle: I am one with eight to spare, lest I lose my one. I'm not a number. What am I?
Answer: A Cat. ( Nine Lives )

65. Riddle: I serve on a cross, to prevent loss. What am I?
Answer: A scarecrow

66. Riddle: I watch you sleep, I haunt you by day. You stare at me and saw nothing, but darkness. What am I?
Answer: Fear.

67. Riddle: I have no mind or soul. I've been eternally attached since man's dawn. My kind disappears on and off, to everyone I accompany them to their death, and buried with them, then I hide away when the casket shuts. What am I?
Answer: A shadow.

68. Riddle: You walk into your house you see three doors you've never seen before. One vampire bat that will suck your blood. Two zombies who will eat your brain. Three a lion that hasn't eaten for over six months. Which one do you go through?
Answer: Three a lion that hasn't eaten for over 6 months because he would be dead.

69. Riddle: What do sea monsters eat for lunch?
Answer: Fish and ships.

70. Riddle: I come out at night, I am neither human nor animal, I rarely eat I only drink, I can only be found at night, I will glow in the sunlight. What am I?
Answer: A vampire.

71. Riddle: What is a vampire's favorite boat to travel on?
Answer: A blood vessel.

72. Riddle: How do you make a strawberry shake?
Answer: Tell it a scary story!

73. Riddle: Where do zombies go on vacation?
Answer: The Dead Sea.

74. Riddle: What do you call a ghost without a host?
Answer: G.

75. Riddle: What did the skeleton order at the restaurant?
Answer: Spare ribs!

76. Riddle: What kind of streets do zombies like?
Answer: Dead ends!

77. Riddle: Why did the ghost cry?
Answer: He had a booboo.

78. Riddle: What did the zombie bring to bed?
Answer: A deaddy bear.

79. Riddle: What game do ghosts like to play at the top of the mountain?
Answer: Peak-a-boo!

80. Riddle: What does a vegetarian zombie say?
Answer: 'G'rainsss!

81. Riddle: Why do skeletons hate the cold?
Answer: The wind goes right through them!

82. Riddle: Why don't cannibals eat clowns?
Answer: Because they taste funny.

83. Riddle: Why couldn't Dracula's wife go to sleep?
Answer: Because of his "coffin"!

84. Riddle: What is a vampire's favorite fruit?
Answer: A neck-tarine!

85. Riddle: How do monsters like their eggs?
Answer: Terri-Fried.

86. Riddle: What time is it when you see a monster?
Answer: Time to run.

87. Riddle: I scream out in the dark, I bring light to you, my flame whispers in the darkness. What am I?
Answer: A candle.

88. Riddle: What is a ghost's favorite pepper?
Answer: A ghost pepper.

89. Riddle: What is the scariest side of a haunted house?
Answer: The inside.

90. Riddle: What did the ghost eat for breakfast?
Answer: Dreaded Wheats.

91. Riddle: Why is France like a skeleton?
Answer: Because only the bony part is left. This is a play on words referring to Napoleon Bonaparte who played a key role in the 1789 French Revolution and was the first Emporer of France from 1804-15.

92. Riddle: Compact creatures consistently caught, A waif woeful widow woven. A translucent template tense and taut, Can civilize and calmly cause cloven. What am I?
Answer: A spider's web.

93. Riddle: We are always found two in a coffin, when we are separated from each other, we love to start a fight, and also together, we make a difference. What are we?
Answer: The letter "F".

94. Riddle: Where is the popularity of spiders more visible?
Answer: On the web-sight (website)

95. Riddle: What is a vampire's favorite car to drive in?
Answer: A bloodmobile?

96. Riddle: I can make many people scream yet I can still be seen I make many things grow yet still I can melt the snow. What am I?
Answer: I am fire.

97. Riddle: A ghost was painting a picture. What did he paint on his picture?
Answer: A picture!

98. Riddle: Why did the skeleton climb up the tree?
Answer: Because the dog was after his bones.

99. Riddle: As destructive as life, As healing as death; An institution of strife, Just as prone to bless. It is all that is good, Yet with an evil trend; As it was the beginning of things, It can also be the end. What is it?
Answer: It is fire!

100. Riddle: What was written on Frankenstein's monster's grave?
Answer: "Rust in peace."

101. Riddle: What do spiders eat with their dinner?
Answer: Corn on the cobweb.

102. Riddle: When I looked at the lake, I saw my reflection, but yet I disappear from every picture I take. What am I?
Answer: A ghost.

103. Riddle: What do you call a ghost who ran out of toilet paper?
Answer: Sheet out of luck!

104. Riddle: My hair is blue and pink, I am human, I am daddy's Lil monster. Who am I?
Answer: Harley Quinn.

105. Riddle: Empty as space, Scary as a ghost, I appear every night What am I?
Answer: Darkness.

106. Riddle: I am the creature that robs men of their dignity, pride, and will. I feast on children's dreams till' they have none. I am the monster in your head, waiting to strike. What am I?
Answer: I am fear, SO FEAR ME!

107. Riddle: What do you call a ghost with a broken leg?
Answer: A Hoblin Goblin.

108. Riddle: What do you call it when you walk into a spider web?
Answer: Free Karate lessons.

109. Riddle: What kind of Doctors are like spiders?
Answer: Spin Doctors.

110. Riddle: Where do zombies go for a night out?
Answer: Club Dead.

111. Riddle: What did the zombie eat for breakfast?
Answer: Raisen Brain!

112. Riddle: What is a five-letter word with no vowels?
Answer: Crypt (others are accepted).

113. Riddle: What animal has more lives than a cat?
Answer: A frog, he croaks every night!

114. Riddle: How can you tell if a ghost is about to faint?
Answer: He gets pale as a sheet.

115. Riddle: On which side of a church is the graveyard always situated?
Answer: On the outside, of course.

116. Riddle: I'm not sure where everyone is and there are graves here. Where am I?
Answer: A graveyard.

117. Riddle: What kind of money do vampires use?
Answer: Blood money!

118. Riddle: Which of the witch's friends eats the fastest?
Answer: The goblin.

119. Riddle: What do ghosts do before they enter a haunted house?
Answer: Wipe their sheets.

120. Riddle: What should you say when you meet a ghost in your bedroom?
Answer: "How do you boo?"

121. Riddle: Untainted, Eternal, Marooned A place where the living will move. A shrine beneath the sun. Greeted by the morning's crest. Our sanctity, Our rest. For when our day is done. What am I?
Answer: A Graveyard.

122. Riddle: Why did Frankenstein's monster get indigestion?
Answer: He bolted down his food.

123. Riddle: What do you call an out-of-work Ghost?
Answer: Lazy Bones.

124. Riddle: Why did the game warden arrest the Ghost?
Answer: He did not have a current haunting license.

125. Riddle: Our dinner guests cry that we are evil when they notice their place in the meal. But it's no big deal why; we are just one big happy tribe! And we get really fed up with people! Who, What or Are we?
Answer: Cannibals!

126. Riddle: What do goblins sing in the shower?
Answer: Rhythm and boos.



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