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"Devil" Riddles - First 10 of 10.

Riddle: If you eat me, you will die. If you drink me, you will die. I am greater than God, worst than the Devil. What am I?
Answer: Nothing. If you eat nothing, you will die. If you drink nothing, you will die. Nothing is greater then God. Nothing is worst then the Devil.
Riddle: I am the enemy of all that is good and right. Five letters--that is the length of my name. Remove the first and evil I remain.
Answer: The devil. (D-evil)
Riddle: What do you get when you cross Purell with the devil?
Answer: Hand Satanizer.
Riddle: I am more powerful than god and more evil than the devil. I am what rich people want and what poor people have. I can never die. What am I?
Answer: I am nothing.
Riddle: There are four words. Two of them have four letters, and the other two have five letters. The four-letter words have two vowels and two consonants. The five-letter words have two vowels and three consonants. If you read one of the four-letter words backward, you will get the other four-letter word. If you put a consonant in the beginning of a four-letter word you'll get one of the five-letter words. If you put the same consonant to the end of the other four-letter word you will get the other five-letter word, which is also read backward as the first five-letter word. There is a correlation between the one of the four and one of the five-letter words. The same goes for the other two words. One pair has to do with something bad and the other pair has to do with life. What are the words?
Answer: Evil Devil Lived Live
Riddle: Dorothy has never expressed suicidal thoughts, but whenever she experiences feelings of sadness or depression, she makes arrangements to travel to a very high spot that she has visited on numerous occasions. Once there, she proceeds to jump from that great height. The fascinating fact though is she has never been injured from this leap, and in fact, she tells everyone that she feels much better afterward. If she’s not suicidal, then what is going on here, and why has she never been injured, or even worse, died from her risky actions?
Answer: There are several possible solutions to this brain teaser. Either Dorothy is a parachutist, or a ski jumper, or a hang glider enthusiast. There may be other possible solutions.
Riddle: I'll take you. I'll take two, once I'm taken by you. You lose. I'm chance, a devil of a dance, climbing a tree, the very next branch. I'm unforgiving, fast-lane living, quite soul gripping. For once I have you, I won’t leave your mind. And I'm not at all kind. I'll break your home, the bank I'll comb, until you're left with nothing, all alone. The highs and the lows, the deception, and woes, why'd you bet your own toes. I’m greed, if I’m to be believed, I'm a need that will crush you until you cannot breathe. What am I?
Answer: Gambling.
Riddle: A certain man who is called "Captain" by his crew, is infamously known for his hatred of a particular group of young boys. He especially dislikes the leader of this group of children, to the extent he would actually kill him if given the chance. This man is neither a basketball player, nor a boxer, nor a fisherman, as his name suggests, but he is the "captain" of a ship called the Sea Devil which flies a black and white flag. This man sails on his ship with his own group of grown men who are a scurvy bunch who enjoy criminal activities. Although he presents himself as being fearless, there is one thing that sends him into a frightened panic -- the sound of a ticking clock! Who is this infamous man, and why haven’t the authorities arrested or imprisoned him and his evil crew?
Answer: The infamous man is Captain Hook, the arch-enemy of Peter Pan and the lost boys. He fears the loud ticking of a clock which a monstrous crocodile swallowed at some point before Peter Pan cut off the captain’s hand during battle, and fed the hand to the beast. The clock now resides in the crocodile’s stomach, and the ticking warns Captain Hook of the creature’s presence, as the crocodile wants to eat the rest of the tasty captain.
Riddle: When people add me they're often shaking; On the tip of their tongue theres no mistaking; I'm hear to help if the devil is waiting. What am I?
Answer: Salt
Riddle: I'm greater than God, yet worse than the devil. I am what the miser spends and the spendthrift saves. I am what the blind see and the paralised hold. What am I?
Answer: Nothing.

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