Vampire Riddles - Riddles About Vampires

Funny vampire riddles from the original Riddles website.  These are the best vampire riddles, jokes, and brain teasers for kids and adults.  Entertain your classmates or share with your family.

List of Vampire Riddles with Answers

1. Riddle: How do you know that a vampire loves baseball?
Answer: Because he turns into a bat every night.

2. Riddle: Why did the vampire take an art class?
Answer: He wanted to learn how to draw blood.

3. Riddle: How do vampires like their food served?
Answer: In bite-size pieces.

4. Riddle: What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?
Answer: Frostbite.

5. Riddle: How can you tell if a vampire is sick?
Answer: By how much he's coffin.

6. Riddle: Do vampires play tennis on their free time?
Answer: No they prefer bat-minton.

7. Riddle: What type of dog does a vampire have?
Answer: A Bloodhound!

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8. Riddle: What did the tourist say to a vampire?
Answer: Do you know a good place to get a bite?

9. Riddle: You walk into your house you see three doors you've never seen before. One vampire bat that will suck your blood. Two zombies that will eat your brain. Three a lion that hasn't eaten for over six months. Which one do you go through?
Answer: Three a lion that hasn't eaten for over 6 months because he would be dead.

10. Riddle: I come out at night, I am neither human nor animal, I rarely eat I only drink, I can only be found at night, I will glow in the sunlight. What am I?
Answer: A vampire.

11. Riddle: What is a vampire's favorite boat to travel on?
Answer: A blood vessel.

12. Riddle: What is a vampire's favorite fruit?
Answer: A neck-tarine!

13. Riddle: What is a vampire's favorite car to drive in?
Answer: A bloodmobile?

14. Riddle: What kind of money do vampires use?
Answer: Blood money!


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