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"Scarecrow" Riddles - 5 of 5

Riddle: Why did the scarecrow win so many awards?
Answer: He was out-standing in his field!
Riddle: I'm like a doll, But I'm not for playing; I stand up straight, but if windy I may be laying; I'm well-known and famous for having no brain; I work outside both day and night in sunshine or in rain. What am I?
Answer: A Scarecrow.
Riddle: I can be hairy and itchy all over. I hang on a stick. I can be the scariest thing you have ever seen. I stand in the middle of nowhere. What am I?
Answer: A scarecrow!
Riddle: I serve on a cross, to prevent loss. What am I?
Answer: A scarecrow.
Riddle: Although raised to conquer it, I first have to embrace it, and now it is my weapon of harm. Who am I?
Answer: The Scarecrow (Detective Comics)

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