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"Hamburger" Riddles - 5 of 5

Riddle: What did the hamburger buy his sweetheart?
Answer: An onion ring.
Riddle: What do spiders like with their hamburgers?
Answer: French flies.
Riddle: How do you make a hamburger smile?
Answer: Pickle it gently.
Riddle: How do you spell COW in nine letters?
Answer: Hamburger.
Riddle: The favorite foods of Megan, Michael, Sergi, and Jana are written below. Each person has a different favorite food. Use the following food clues to match the people with their favorite foods. 1. Michael likes ketchup and mustard on his favorite food. 2. Jana is allergic to cheese. 3. Sergi eats his favorite food on a bun. 4 Sometimes for something different, Michael makes his food into corn dogs. What are each kids favorite food? Write the name of the person next to their favorite foods. Chicken Drumstick: Hot Dog in a bun: A slice of Pizza: A hamburger in a bun:
Answer: Chicken Drumstick:  Jana Hot Dog in a bun: Michael A slice of Pizza: Megan A hamburger in a bun: Sergi

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