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Scary horror riddles from the original Riddles website.  These are the horror riddles, jokes, and brain teasers for kids and families.  Entertain your siblings or share riddles with your friends.

1. Riddle: Why did Snap, Crackle, and Pop get scared?
Answer: They heard there was a cereal killer on the loose.

Riddle: Why did Snap, Crackle and Pop get scared? Answer: They heard there was a cereal killer on the loose.

2. Riddle: I am strong enough to smash ships, but I fear the Sun. What am I?
Answer: Ice.

3. Riddle: What do you call a person who is afraid of Santa Claus?
Answer: Claustrophobic.

4. Riddle: It runs and runs but can never flee. It is often watched, yet never seen. When long it brings boredom, When short it brings fear. What is it?
Answer: Time, which is often watched when you stare at a clock.

5. Riddle: What was never scared but became petrified, can't make a bird but can make a bat, can't live in a house but would die to have one. What is it?
Answer: A tree.

Riddle: What was never scared but became petrified, can't make a bird but can make a bat, can't live in a house but would die to have one.  What is it? Answer: A tree.

6. Riddle: A girl came running home crying because her boyfriend broke up with her. When she got home, she broke her phone and all of the pictures that had her boyfriend in them. What broke first?
Answer: Her heart is because of her boyfriend.

7. Riddle: It's the only vegetable or fruit that is never sold frozen, canned, processed, cooked, or in any other form but fresh. What is it?
Answer: Lettuce.

8. Riddle: There are ten birds sitting on a fence. You shoot one. How many are left?
Answer: None are left. All the others are scared away because of the gunshot.

9. Riddle: Double my number, I'm less than a score, and half of my number is less than four. Add one to my double when bakers are near, days of the week are still greater, I fear. What am I?
Answer: The number six.

10. Riddle: I am born in fear, raised in the truth, and I come to my own indeed. When comes a time that I'm called forth, I come to serve the cause of need. What am I?
Answer: Courage.

Riddle: I am born in fear, raised in truth, and I come to my own in deed. When comes a time that I'm called forth, I come to serve the cause of need.
What am I? Answer: Courage.

11. Riddle: I lead the way into the unknown, and bring strength where there is fear. I am the creator of the invention and the maker of all adventure. What am I?
Answer: I am curiosity!

12. Riddle: What does man love more than life, fear more than death or mortal strife, What the poor have, the rich require, and what contented men desire, What the miser spends and the spendthrift saves And all men carry to their graves?
Answer: Nothing.

13. Riddle: I make you weak at the worst of all times. I keep you safe, I keep you fine. I make your hands sweat, and your heart grows cold, I visit the weak, but seldom the bold. What am I?
Answer: Your fears.

14. Riddle: A man is on one side of a river, his dog on the other. The man calls his dog, who immediately crossed the river without getting wet and without using a bridge or a boat. How did the dog do it?
Answer: The river was frozen.

15. Riddle: What word is a fun word until you add one letter and it becomes a terrible word that no one wants to happen?
Answer: Laughter: If you add an 'S' to the begging of laughter it becomes slaughter.

16. Riddle: You can't see me. You can't touch me. You can't hear me. You can't taste me. You can use me or create me. You can find me. I can be interrupted easily. Some enjoy me and others fear me. What am I?
Answer: Silence.

17. Riddle: I scream, I can be almost any shape or color, but everyone seems to talk about screaming when they talk about me. What am I?
Answer: An Ice Cream.

18. Riddle: What temperature does ice freeze at?
Answer: Ice doesn’t freeze, it’s already frozen.

19. Riddle: What type of music are balloons scared of?
Answer: Pop Music!

20. Riddle: We are a pair, We can dart here and there, Though we always stay in one place. We can smile or shed tears, Show our pleasure or fears, And you'll find us on everyone's face. What are we?
Answer: Two eyes.

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21. Riddle: I watch you sleep, I haunt you by day. You stare at me and saw nothing, but darkness. What am I?
Answer: Fear.

22. Riddle: I change when scared. I'm in a popular movie. My tongue is long. What am I?
Answer: A chameleon.

23. Riddle: You can feel me but you cannot see me. I am always with you, but I never get heavy. You shiver when I come and are relieved when I pass. What am I?
Answer: Your Fears.

24. Riddle: A mouse, a squirrel, a duck, a chicken, and an elephant are sitting on the side of the road. Someone offers them a lift, but one prefers to stay. Who preferred to stay?
Answer: The Elephant Stayed. If you didn't know, elephants are scared of mice.

25. Riddle: Adored by few, Feared and hated by many. Mistress of the entire universal reason, Master in the art of numbers. Some may have solved many of your mysteries, But there is still much of them to find. What are they?
Answer: Mathematics.

26. Riddle: A woman was horrified to find a fly in her tea. The waiter took her cup and went into the kitchen and returned with a fresh cup of tea. She shouted, "You brought me the same tea!" How did she know?
Answer: She had already put sugar in it and when she tasted the new tea it was already sweet.

27. Riddle: Why was the arrow trembling?
Answer: Because he saw his friends in a quiver. (arrow pouch)

28. Riddle: What's a type of cloud that's afraid of heights?
Answer: Fog, because Fog is like a cloud but it's never in the sky.

29. Riddle: Fifty is my first. Nothing is my second. Five just makes my third. My fourth, a vowel, is reckoned. Now to find my name, Fit my parts together. I die if I grow cold but never fear cold weather. What am I?
Answer: L O V E.

30. Riddle: What is a cereal's worst fear?
Answer: A cereal killer.

31. Riddle: I'm alive and I die. When cut, I bleed I do not fear the seasons. I make my home above yet below the land. I'm a friend to man and beastie, yet hunted by both. My bones are always within sight. What am I?
Answer: A Tree.

32. Riddle: A girl walked into a bar and ordered some water. The bartender then threw a big hairy spider at her. A few minutes later, the girl thanked the man and walked out. Why?
Answer: The girl had the hiccups and the man scared them away by throwing the big hairy spider at her.

33. Riddle: I know what my job is, The point has been made. You say I have a big head, And you're right, I'm afraid. Put me in my place, And then leave me alone. What I need most, Is someone to drive me home. What am I?
Answer: A Nail!

34. Riddle: In this place, people lie, people cry, and people ask why. In this place, people sleep, people, weep, and people's solitude, they keep. What is it?
Answer: "Graveyard" or "Cemetery" - Reasoning: Both "people lie" and "people sleep" are indications of many people using this place to lie down, or to sleep, which in itself is an odd thought. Crying and weeping indicate that this is a sad place, and the continued use of "people" allows this to mean not just those who are lying down or sleeping, but those who come to visit them there, (i.e. mourners). People come to ask the person's grave why they did what they did that resulted in their death, as a form of mourning, or to ask their chosen God or Gods why they took that person to their grave. And peoples solitude refers to people sleeping on their own, or the mourners usually coming the mourn privately.

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35. Riddle: When people add me they're often shaking; On the tip of their tongue there's no mistaking; I'm here to help if the devil is waiting. What am I?
Answer: Salt.

36. Riddle: Why was 6 afraid of 7?
Answer: Because 7,8,9.

37. Riddle: Our armor may be stolen, But still a thousand blades cause us no fear, One or many, it's all the same, Before our number, you will fall. What are we?
Answer: Sheep.

38. Riddle: I'm scared of the water, But not scared of heights; I'm light and come in different colors, But typically just white. What am I?
Answer: Tissue

39. Riddle: I am brave but, wear the thing I used to fear most, I am bold, but not willing to kill. Who am I?
Answer: Batman.

40. Riddle: Why were the notebooks afraid to go to college?
Answer: Because the College ruled notebooks!

41. Riddle: I am the creature that robs men of their dignity, pride, and will. I feast on children's dreams till' they have none. I am the monster in your head, waiting to strike. What am I?
Answer: I am fear, SO FEAR ME!

42. Riddle: I am something that the naughty boys use to draw on, girls write beautifully on the side, you have to clap my defeaters every day, and I stand dumbly as the young children cry. What am I?
Answer: A chalkboard. (When the young children cry, it means they are crying for a turn to write the answer and the defeaters are the erasers)

43. Riddle: There is a man standing on top of a mountain frozen holding a piece of straw. How did he get there?
Answer: He was with his friend in a hot-air balloon when they were about to hit a mountain so they took off their clothes to make it lighter so they would go higher it wasn't working so they drew straws and whoever had the shortest straw would have to jump out so he was the one who picked the shortest straw.


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