Riddle: How high would you have to count before you would use the letter A in the English language spelling of a whole number.
Answer: One thousand.
Riddle: To solve this puzzle riddle you can only move one match to make a square. Which match do you need to move to make a square? Move One Match To Make A Square Puzzle Riddle
Answer: Move the bottom match just down far enough to make a square using the bases of each map as the sides of the square. Move One Match To Make A Square Puzzle Riddle Solution Answer
Riddle: Jordan is leaving from a small town in Wyoming and hiking through the wilderness to a post where he will spend the summer. The hike will take Jordan six days. One man can only carry enough food and water for four days. Jordan cannot take a mule or any other animal to haul his food and water, because there will be insufficient food and supplies for the animals at his destination. How can Jordan make it to his destination?
Answer: Jordan takes two other hikers with him. Each hiker starts out with a four day supply of food and water. After the first day, the first hiker gives a one day supply to each Jordan and the second hiker. This leaves the first hiker with a one day supply to go home and Jordan and the second hiker now each have a four day supply again. After the second day, the second hiker gives Jordan a one day supply and keep a two day supply for himself so that he can get home. This gives Jordan a four day supply of food and water, and now he has enough to reach his destination.
Riddle: Craig died in Florida. Shortly after, Tracy died at sea. Nobody mourned, In fact, everyone was absolutey delighted. Why?
Answer: They were both hurricanes.
Riddle: How is it possible to always find what your looking for in the last place you look?
Answer: If you find what your are looking for then you would stop looking so it would be in the last place you look.
Riddle: Four members of a band are walking to a night concert. They decide to take a shortcut, but must cross a bridge. Luckily they have one flashlight. Because of the varying size of their instruments, it takes each member a different amount of time to cross the bridge - it takes the first person one minute, the second person two minutes, the third person five minutes and the fourth person ten minutes. They must cross the bridge in pairs, travelling at the slower speed so if the one minute person went with the ten minute person, it would take a total of ten minutes. Since there is only one flashlight, one person must come back across the bridge, then another pair can cross. They only have 17 minutes to cross the bridge and still get to the concert on time. What order should they cross to get everyone across and get to the concert?
Answer: First, the one minute person and the two minute person must cross the bridge, for a total of two minutes. Then the one minute person should come back with flashlight - total of three minutes. The five minute person and the ten minute person cross together next, making the total thirteen minutes. Now the two minute person goes back and (total now fifteen minutes) and gets the one minute person and they cross together bringing the total to seventeen minutes.
Riddle: If you were to put a coin into an empty bottle and then insert a cork into the neck, how could you remove the coin without taking out the cork or breaking the bottle?
Answer: Push the cork into the bottle and shake the coin out!
Riddle: They are scenes of madness, grief, gaiety, seeming purpose, confusion and queerness often appearing in the dark hours of night. They stretch through time, seeming only but a few moments, yet when reality is not as kind. When appearing they are logical, but when reminiscing they are strange and odd. What is it?
Answer: Dreams.
Riddle: I go up and down the stairs without moving. What am I?
Answer: I am a carpet
Riddle: An old fashioned bike wheel has 21 spokes. How many spaces are between the spokes - 20, 21, or 22?
Answer: 21