Riddle: They are scenes of madness, grief, gaiety, seeming purpose, confusion and queerness often appearing in the dark hours of night. They stretch through time, seeming only but a few moments, yet when reality is not as kind. When appearing they are logical, but when reminiscing they are strange and odd. What is it?
Answer: Dreams.
Riddle: I go up and down the stairs without moving. What am I?
Answer: I am a carpet
Riddle: An old fashioned bike wheel has 21 spokes. How many spaces are between the spokes - 20, 21, or 22?
Answer: 21
Riddle: A man has Ten Horses and nine stables as shown here. [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] The man wants to fit Ten Horses into nine stables. How can he fit Ten horses into nine stables?
Answer: One letter for each stable. [T][E][N] [H][O][R][S][E][S]
Riddle: In a contest, there are four fruits (an apple, a banana, an orange, and a pear) which have been placed in four closed boxes (one fruit per box). People may guess which fruit is in which box. There were 123 participants in the contest. The results are; 43 people guessed none correctly, 39 people guessed one correctly and 31 people have guessed two correctly. How many people guessed three correctly and how many people guessed all four correctly?
Answer: It is not possible to only get three correct because the fourth would also be correct.  Therefore, the answer would be (123-43-39-31 = 10) 10 people  guessed all four correctly.
Riddle: I have 10 red socks and 10 blue socks in a drawer. How many socks must I take out to ensure that I have at least one matching pair? One how many to ensure I have at least a pair of red and a pair of blue?
Answer: Three for one pair, and twelve to ensure one pair of each color.
Riddle: Two women and two doctors walk into an ice cream parlor. They each order an ice cream cone. When their ice creams come, there is only 1 strawberry,1 chocolate and 1 vanilla. How come they didn't complain?
Answer: One of the women was a doctor!
Riddle: A man buys a rope from a woman for $3.00 and hands the woman a $10 bill. The woman goes into the grocery store next door to get change. She returns and gives the man $7.00. After the man leaves, the clerk from the store comes and says, "Hey, that was a counterfeit bill you gave me." The woman gives the clerk a good bill. How much has the woman lost?
Answer: Seven dollars plus the rope.
Riddle: Three cars had driven into a parking lot at the same time, and the three drivers left them all for the attendant to park. Unfortunately, he isn't too good at remembering exactly which driver drove which car. However, he is sure of these 6 facts: a. Colin drove the BMW if and only if Mr. Cooper drove the Avenger. b. Alan drove the Cortina if and only if Mr. Cooper drove the BMW. c. Colin is Mr. Brown if and only if Mr. Andrews drove the BMW. d. Brian is Mr. Andrews if and only if Colin drove the BMW. e. Mr. Cooper drove the Avenger if and only if Alan is Mr. Brown. f. Colin is Mr. Brown if and only if Alan drove the Cortina. Who arrived with which car?
Answer: Brian Brown drove the BMW, Alan Andrew drove the Avenger, and Colin Cooper drove the Cortina.
Riddle: What animal has no wings, but yet will fly?
Answer: A caterpillar has no wings, but will fly when it matures and becomes a butterfly.