Riddle: If a fire hydrant has H2O inside, what does it have on the outside?
Answer: K9P (you'll get it eventually).
Riddle: There are 10 dogs in a yard. 3 go out, 4 run behind a tree, and 2 jump in the hole. How many are left?
Answer: 10. Because none of them left the yard.
Riddle: When do truck drivers stop to eat?
Answer: Whenever they come to a fork in the road.
Funny Riddles
Riddle: What's a grammar nerd's favorite political theory?
Answer: Comma-unism
Riddle: What TV program should you watch in the bathtub?
Answer: Soap operas.
Funny Riddles
Riddle: I can be confusing. I can be frustrating. I can be good. I can be funny. What am I?
Answer: A riddle.
Riddle: Why are ghosts bad at lying?
Answer: Because you can see right through them.
Funny Riddles
Riddle: Who is bigger: Mrs. Bigger, Mr. Bigger, or their 4-year-old son?
Answer: The son because he is a little Bigger!
Riddle: What did the ocean say to the beach?
Answer: I'm not shore.
Riddle: If a papa bull eats three bales of hay and a baby bull eats one bale, how much hay will a mama bull eat?
Answer: Nothing. There is no such thing as a mama bull.
Riddle: What TV programs do cows watch in bed?
Answer: Moo-vies.
Riddle: What is in front of a woman and at the end of a cow?
Answer: The letter W.
Riddle: What would you do if you broke a tooth while flossing?
Answer: Use tooth paste to glue it back together.
Riddle: What does it take to make an octopus laugh?
Answer: Ten-tickles (tentacles).
Riddle: A man was pushing his car along the road when he comes to a hotel. He shouts "I'm bankrupt!' Why did the man shout that out?
Answer: Because he was playing Monopoly.
Riddle: Where did pilgrims land when they arrived in America?
Answer: On their feet.
Riddle: How was the robot gorilla fixed?
Answer: With a monkey wrench.
Riddle: Excuse me, waiter, this food tastes funny?
Answer: Then why aren't you laughing?
Riddle: What would you get if you crossed a rabbit and a lawn sprinkler?
Answer: Hare spray.
Riddle: What did the pencil say to the other pencil?
Answer: Your looking sharp.