Riddle: My first is a fluid, my second a solid, my whole a plant. What is it?
Answer: Liquorice.
Riddle: A train just leaves a station and enters a tunnel. Where is the best place for a claustrophobic person to sit?
Answer: In the back. See, the train is still accelerating as it is leaving the station so the train will be moving faster when the back of the train enters the tunnel.
Riddle: Why is a farm-yard like a hotel?
Answer: It is generally patronized by gobblers.
Classic Riddles
Riddle: A forest exists somewhere on Earth. This forest has no life except for trees. After a storm, a tree was hit by lightning and falls. What sound would it make?
Answer: None. Sound does not exist if it is unheard.
Riddle: What did the pen say to the paper?
Answer: Lets run away and WRITE
Classic Riddles
Riddle: A clock chimes 5 times in 4 seconds. How many times will it chime in 10 seconds?
Answer: 11 times. It chimes at zero and then once every second for 10 seconds.
Riddle: A horse travels a certain distance each day. Strangely enough, two of its legs travel 30 miles each day and the other two legs travel nearly 31 miles. It would seem that two of the horse's legs must be one mile ahead of the other two legs, but of course, this can't be true, since the horse is normal. How is this possible?
Answer: The horse operates a mill and travels in a circular clockwise direction. The two outside legs will travel a greater distance than the two inside legs.
Classic Riddles
Riddle: Not born, but from a Mother's body drawn, I hang until half of me is gone. I sleep in a cave until I grow old, then valued for my hardened gold. What am I?
Answer: Cheese.
Riddle: How can you hold a piece of string, one end in each hand, and tie a knot in the string with out letting go of either end?
Answer: Cross your arms before you seize the ends of the string. Uncross your arms and it will tie a knot!
Riddle: Who are the two brothers who live on opposite sides of the road yet never see each other?
Answer: A person's eyes, the nose is the road.
Riddle: Whoever makes it, tells it not. Whoever takes it, knows it not. And whoever knows it wants it not. What is it?
Answer: Counterfeit money.
Riddle: The answer I give is yes, but what I mean is no. What was the question?
Answer: Do you mind?
Riddle: Pregnant every time you see her, yet she never will give birth. What is it?
Answer: Full Moon
Riddle: Black I am and much admired, men seek me until they're tired. When they find me, they break my head, and take from me my resting bed. What am I?
Answer: Coal
Riddle: When you take away the whole from me, there is always some left over. What am I?
Answer: Wholesome!
Riddle: Jack has 8 bricks 7 of them weights the same amount and one is slightly heavier. Using a balance scale, how can Jack find the heavier brick in two weighings?
Answer: First he split them in to piles of 3, 3, and 2 bricks. Then he weighs both groups of 3 with each other. If they balance he knows the brick is one of the 2 unweighed bricks and he can weigh them to find the heaver one. If the the stacks of 3 bricks do not balance, he will weigh 2 of the 3 bricks. If they balance he will know the brick left unweighed is heavier, or if they do not balance, he will find the heavier one.
Riddle: What God never sees, what the king seldom sees, and what we see every day. What is it? Read my riddle.
Answer: An equal.
Riddle: What can go up a chimney down, but cannot go down a chimney up?
Answer: An umbrella.
Riddle: You are in a room that is completely bricked in on all four sides, including the ceiling and floor. You have nothing but a mirror and a wooden table in the room with you. How do you get out?
Answer: You look in the mirror you see what you saw, you take the saw and you cut the table in half, two halves make a whole, and you climb out the hole.
Riddle: What can be heard and caught but never seen?
Answer: A remark.