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"Egg" Riddles - First 10 of 53.

Riddle: What is more useful when it is broken?
Answer: An egg.
Riddle: I have a little house in which I live all alone. It has no doors or windows, and if I want to go out I must break through the wall. What am I?
Answer: A chick in an egg.
Riddle: If a rooster laid a brown egg and a white egg, what kind of chicks would hatch?
Answer: Roosters don't lay eggs.
Riddle: When is music like vegetables?
Answer: When there are two beats (beets) to the measure.
Riddle: What four-legged animal can jump higher than a house?
Answer: Any, Houses can't jump.
Riddle: A beggar's brother died, but the man who died had no brother. How could that be?
Answer: The beggar was his sister!
Riddle: You want to boil a two-minute egg. If you only have a three-minute timer (hourglass), a four-minute timer, and a five-minute timer, how can you boil the egg for only two minutes?
Answer: Once the water is boiling, turn the three-minute timer and five-minute timer over. When the three-minute timer runs out, put the egg in the boiling water. When the five-minute timer runs out, two minutes have elapsed and it is time to take the egg out of the water. You don't need the four-minute timer for this riddle.
Riddle: I walked through a field of wheat, I picked up something good to eat, It was white and had no bone, In twenty-one days it walked alone. What did I pick up?
Answer: An Egg.
Riddle: I am useless when together but useful when I am broken apart. What am I?
Answer: I am an egg.
Riddle: What has to be broken before it can be used?
Answer: An egg.

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