Riddle: I'll take you. I'll take two, once I'm taken by you. You lose. I'm chance, a devil of a dance, climbing a tree, the very next branch. I'm unforgiving, fast-lane living, quite soul gripping. For once I have you, I won’t leave your mind. And I'm not at all kind. I'll break your home, the bank I'll comb, until you're left with nothing, all alone. The highs and the lows, the deception, and woes, why'd you bet your own toes. I’m greed, if I’m to be believed, I'm a need that will crush you until you cannot breathe. What am I?
Answer: Gambling.
Riddle: Beverly is generally considered to be a very practical and emotionally stable woman, but once each year at the beginning of March, she spends $4,000 of her personal savings on her favorite hobby -- watching dog butts. Over the course of a ten-day period, she closely observes the rear ends of at least 16 different dogs. She is so utterly obsessed with her hobby, that she watches these dog butts day and night, stopping only 26 times during the ten-day period to sleep and eat. During this dog butt-watching marathon, she is compelled to carry the following items with her: a bag, an ax, and a special pair of shoes. What kind of a whacked-out hobby is Beverly involved in which creates such an obsession for her each year?
Answer: Beverly enters the Great Alaskan Iditarod Race each year with her 16 Husky mushing dogs. Each competitor must carry a sleeping bag, an axe, and a pair of snow shoes. Of course, being on her sled at the back of her dog team, she has no choice but to see the rear ends of her dog team.
Riddle: I can be searched for but I can not be picked up, I have three w's that start my name but you can not talk to me directly. What am I?
Answer: I am the internet.
Riddle: You are all trapped in a place called Marge's Madhouse, and she(Marge) runs the place using only one law. Figure out her law by using the clues listed below, and you will force her to release you from her domain of doom. To do this successfully, you must suggest one thing to Marge she would love to have. If Marge truly loves your suggestion, she will then ------ and only then ------ allow you to leave her house of insanity. Here are the clues: Marge loves warts; but she hates blemishes. Marge loves pins; but she hates needles. Marge loves spam; but she hates meat. Marge loves sleep; but she hates sleeping. Marge loves rats; but she hates rodents. Marge loves desserts; but she hates pastries. Marge loves war; but she hates conflicts. Marge loves pets, but she hates animals. Marge loves evil; but she hates Satan. Marge loves pool; but she hates billiards. ***** Since Marge does not allow sleeping or meat in her madhouse, you have only a few days to survive her domain of doom before you become insane. What do you think Marge would love to have?
Answer: All the things Marge loves are of the same pattern. Each item she loves can be spelled backwards to form another word. This cannot be done with the things Marge hates. To successfully escape Marge's Madhouse, you must suggest a word to Marge which, when spelled backwards, will spell another word.
Riddle: I can race like a car, but I can also go as slow as a sloth, I am very famous in a movie, but I seem like I shouldn't be, what am I?
Answer: Turbo.
Riddle: I'm almost always with you, sometimes I get bigger, sometimes I disappear. Children like to play with me, detectives use me with caution. What am I?
Answer: A shadow.
Riddle: When you are wet and it is dry and if you use it, it becomes wet but you're completely dry. What is it?
Answer: The towel.
Riddle: Marge and Terry are both looking intently at a 4-inch X 4-inch musical symbol, but neither of them is thinking about music. Marge initiates their activity by placing a letter of the alphabet into the upper left quadrant of the symbol. Terry counters by putting a different letter of the alphabet into the lower-right section of the figure. Marge retaliates by inscribing the same letter she used the first time, into the lower-left section of the musical emblem. Terry responds by placing the same letter he just used, into the middle-left area of the image. Marge begins to smile brightly and places the same letter she has been using into the upper-right quadrant of the figure. Terry then grimaces and writes the exact same letter he has been using, placing it in the center of the symbol. Marge then gives a gleeful laugh and puts her same letter into the top-middle of the emblem. She then draws a line and shouts out three words to Terry, which make him feel a bit sad and disappointed. What are the three words Marge shouts at Terry, and exactly what has been going on here?
Answer: Marge and Terry have been playing the game of “Tic-Tac-Toe”, and these are the three words she shouts at him after beating him. The musical symbol called a Sharp, looks just like a Tic-Tac-Toe grid.
Riddle: I'm everywhere. I'm under there. And over here. Sometimes you can't see me, but I'm still there. You can scoop me up, toss me around, there's always more to be found. In the end, ill be in darkness your only friend. Until you and me, will cease to be, because you will become me. What am I?
Answer: I am earth/dirt.
Riddle: A young, meek woman travels to a foreign land, but accidentally kills an older woman when she arrives there. The young woman is very surprised to hear only cheers and praise from the large group of witnesses to the older woman's death ------ in fact, the entire group honors and thanks her for the killing. But the story doesn't end there, as the young woman later teams up with three males who agree to assist her in attempting to murder the sister of the dead woman. Evidently, having developed a taste for blood, the young woman, with the help of her gang of three males, manages to murder the second sister, much to the delight of an oddly-dressed battalion of soldiers. This young woman is never tried for either of the killings and eventually, she returns home. What kind of warped justice is this? Two killings ------ one a definite murder, and not even an indictment? What in the world is going on here?
Answer: Your questions will all be answered by watching the classic movie, "The Wizard of Oz".