Riddle: A thief was in the process of robbing the house of a wealthy widow. As he was rifling through the dresser drawers where her jewelry box was located, he came upon a bunch of diamonds. He knew the diamonds were genuine because he had seen the same type many times before, but he left them untouched in the drawer and continued searching the room. When he heard police sirens approaching, he ran from the home empty-handed, not retrieving the diamonds. Did this thief flunk out of crook college? Why didn't he grab those diamonds when he had the chance?
Answer: The diamonds he spotted in the dresser drawer were a bunch of playing cards with the suit of 13 diamonds facing up where he could see them.
Riddle: I am a room. I have a sink. I have a stove. You use me for cooking. What am I?
Answer: A kitchen.
Riddle: Five teenage friends, Kolten, Hailey, Thomas, Mary, and Danielle, were coming home from a party together. Kolten was driving. At a traffic light, a person ran the red light and hit Kolten's car. The five teens were all rushed to the hospital. A week later people were allowed to visit the teens. Kolten's mom said, "One of the teenagers is now paralyzed." Hailey's dad said, "At least my daughter can walk." Thomas's older brother, John, said, "One of the teens has a broken arm." Mary's stepsister, Ashley, said, "It's not my stepsister that's paralyzed." Mary's grandmother said, "One of the teens has a broken leg." Danielle's boyfriend, Bradley, said, "One of the girls is paralyzed. "Thomas's friend, Mike, said, "Thomas, can stand on both legs." Kolten's cousin, Sarah, said, "One of the teens has a concussion." Hailey's uncle, Bob, said, "Either Kolten, Mary, or Danielle has a broken leg." Thomas's aunt, Susan, said, "One of the boys flew out of the car window and got multiple cuts on his left arm. The cuts got infected and his arm had to be amputated." Danielle's dad said, "The boy who has an amputated left arm used to be a lefty. Now he has to learn to be a righty." Kolten's mom said, "Kolten and Danielle are lefties. The other three are righties." Hailey's cousin, steven, said, "One girl and one boy has a cast." Danielle's grandfather said, "Whoever has a broken leg has to use crutches." Who has what injury?
Answer: Hailey has a concussion, Danielle is paralyzed, Thomas has a broken arm, Mary has a broken leg, and Kolten has an amputated left arm.
Riddle: What do you call an ocean of orange soda?
Answer: A Fanta-sea
Riddle: It was 8 a.m. on a cold Saturday morning in November when Inspector YU of the local police department received the call that a robbery had taken place at the home of a Miss Tiffany Ritz, a wealthy widow who lived in a wealthy neighborhood of seven mansions. The Ritz mansion was exactly in the middle, with three neighboring mansions located on either side of her lavish estate. Upon arriving at the scene of the crime, Inspector Yu was informed by the police that Miss Ritz had called 9-1-1 at 6 a.m. to report her million-dollar broach had been stolen during the night. She said she had gone downstairs just before 6 a.m. to feed her pet piranha fish when she noticed the window was open, and her ruby broach was missing from its glass display case. The police informed Inspector Yu they had left the grounds behind the mansions undisturbed, as that was where the break-in had occurred, and with the assistance of a two-inch snowfall during the night, they knew any footprints would be easily readable in the freshly fallen snow. Wasting no time, Inspector Yu began an intricate search of the snow-covered grounds behind the Ritz mansion where the break-in had occurred. The blacktopped roadway behind the seven mansions had already been plowed by the contracted maintenance man, but the snow-covered yards behind each mansion remained undisturbed. Inspector Yu was surprised to see there were absolutely no footprints of any kind leading up to the rear window of the Ritz estate, and he was especially mystified by the presence of a strange, slightly curving line in the snow which went from the plowed blacktop to the rear window where the robber had entered to steal the million-dollar broach. How was it possible for there to be absolutely no footprints in the snow which had fallen during the night, and what had caused the bizarre, curving two-inch wide line pressed into the snow which lead to the back window? The inspector noted a small, circular hole had been cut out of the window glass, where someone had reached through to undo the latch. Inspector Yu then opened the window and entered the room where the burglary had taken place. A second hole had been cut out of the glass case protecting the broach, and the thief had obviously reached through the hole and swiped the valuable jewelry. He found no other significant clues in the room, and the dusting of the window and broach case for fingerprints brought no results. Inspector Yu had observed the strange, curved line which was pressed into the snow lead to the back window, but then went away from that window in a different direction, noting this two-inch wide track then returned back to the blacktop near the place where it had started. An inspection of the other snow-covered yards behind the other six mansions revealed no footprints and no sign of the mysterious curved line in the snow. Inspector Yu's next step was to interview the tenants of the three mansions on either side of the Ritz home. He learned all of the other six neighbors had been in the home of Miss Ritz on numerous occasions for various parties, and they all said they had been shown the million-dollar broach in the case. None of the six had an alibi for their whereabouts the night of the robbery, as they all lived alone, and had slept soundly through the night, according to their testimonies. The inspector also discovered each of the neighbors despised one another, including Miss Ritz, and each one tried to implicate the others concerning the case, with stories about their exotic and bizarre behaviors. The tenants were identified as follows: Miss Sharp, a professional ice skater, whom one of the neighbors said had a habit of riding around the neighborhood on a pair of custom-built motorized ice skates, making a complete spectacle of herself on the icy blacktop. Another neighbor, Samuel Clowney, was a retired circus entertainer who was well versed in all aspects of circus performance life. One of the neighbors reported Mr. Clowney liked to show off some of his circus skills by riding up and down in front of the seven mansions as he demonstrated his balancing skill, while simultaneously juggling up to five oranges. A third neighbor, a Mr. Baghat, had relocated to the U.S. from India. Several neighbors reported he had a snake he had trained to fetch items for him upon request, and had actually trained the snake to move through the snow, even though snakes are cold-blooded reptiles which usually hate cold environments. Neighbor number four, a former Olympic pole vaulting champion from France by the name of Monsieur Jumpette, once reportedly shocked each of these neighbors by running through each of their yards using his pole to vault over each of their in-ground swimming pools. A fifth neighbor, a Miss Priscilla Pirouette, was a professional ballerina who reportedly showed off her skills to her neighbors on a regular basis, by walking on her extreme tiptoes up and down in front of the seven mansions. The last neighbor, a Miss Tallsey, was an extremely thin and emaciated woman who was 7 feet 2 inches tall but weighed less than 100 pounds. Her neighbors told Inspector Yu she made a frequent habit of walking around the neighborhood on a tall pair of wooden stilts, making her over ten feet tall. After interviewing each of the six neighbors in their mansions, Inspector Yu deduced one thing for certain: This was the weirdest group of people in one neighborhood he had ever seen in his entire life! The inspector felt certain one of the six neighbors had stolen the precious ruby broach, and he felt almost 100% certain he knew who the culprit was, based on one of the reports he had received from one of the neighbors. The inspector made his arrest, and sure enough, the million-dollar ruby broach was found in that neighbor's home. And now you, (not Inspector Yu), as a member of the Detective Dream Team, must use your powers of deduction to identify the thief who stole the precious ruby broach. So.......... Who Done It?
Answer: Inspector Yu was tipped off by one of the neighbors who spoke about the circus skills of Samuel Clowney. The neighbor mentioned Mr. Clowney liked to "demonstrate his balancing skill while juggling up to five oranges." The inspector discovered what the neighbor was referring to when he interviewed Samuel Clowney in his mansion, and noticed many pictures of Mr. Clowney riding a unicycle while juggling various objects. Only the tire of a unicycle could have made the curving line in the snow which lead up to the back window of the Ritz mansion where the break-in had occurred. This explained the mystery of why no footprints were found on the ground outside the window, as Mr. Clowney's feet were on the pedals of his unicycle, and never touched the ground.
Riddle: Mary is baking chocolate chip cookies for, her friend, Molly's birthday party. Molly will have 19 friends at the party plus herself. Each batch of cookies can make 24 cookies and requires: 1 cup butter, softened 1 cup white sugar 1 cup packed brown sugar 2 eggs 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1 teaspoon baking soda 2 teaspoons hot water ½ teaspoon salt 3 cups all-purpose flour 2 cups semisweet chocolate chips 1 cup chopped walnuts Mary has: 9 cups butter 18 cups white sugar 7 cups packed brown sugar 48 eggs 12 teaspoons vanilla extract 8 teaspoons baking soda 1-gallon hot water 9 tablespoons salt 5 cups all-purpose flour 15 cups semisweet chocolate chips 5 cups chopped walnuts How many batches of cookies can Mary make? How many cookies can each friend have if they each have the same number of cookies? Will there be any cookies leftover?
Answer: There will be 4 cookies leftover because Mary can only make one batch of cookies which means each of the 20 friends can have 1 cookie. Mary only has enough flour for one batch of cookies, so no matter how much of the other ingredients Mary has, she can only make one batch of cookies.
Riddle: Dorothy is not a violent person, yet she carries a hard, round object in her purse which she occasionally throws at people. She thinks others find her actions amusing, and they do for the most part; but many people flinch when she does throw the object directly toward them. The danger is minimal however, as the object returns to her, most of the time, and she never throws the object with the intention of harming anyone. Dorothy considers herself to be an entertainer of sorts, using the round object and some string to amuse anyone willing to watch her. She uses the object to perform some amazing, gravity-defying stunts. Dorothy says she got the idea for this attention-grabbing activity while working part time as a dog walker. Is Dorothy a menace to society who should be reported to the authorities, or is she just providing a little innocent fun for those who watch her? Just what is the hard, round object Dorothy carries in her purse?
Answer: Dorothy carries a yo-yo in her purse, and puts on a dazzling display of various tricks for onlookers. She even performs classic yo-yo moves such as the famous walk-the-dog maneuver.
Riddle: From life I am derived, Later at your home I arrive. With my corpse disguised, By the things that keep me alive. What am I?
Answer: A newspaper. ---- Edit: it has also been pointed out to me that a dead person in a urn is also an acceptable answer.
Riddle: From dawn to dusk I soar through the sky, A thunderous voice, but silent I fly. Through the darkest depths I will not die, Yet I can not be seen by the naked eye. What am I?
Answer: Radio waves.
Riddle: You are sharing a snack with 5 friends. You have 5 apples. Each person must get an equal amount of apple(s). How do you evenly distribute the 5 apples among 6 people?
Answer: Cut each apple into 6 peices. Each friend must take 5 slices or 1/6 of the number of slices.