Riddle: Thirty white horses on a red hill, First they champ, Then they stamp, Then they stand still. What are they?
Answer: Teeth.
Riddle: A headless man had a letter to write; It was read by a man who had lost his sight. The dumb repeated it word for word, And deaf was he who listened and heard. What is it?
Answer: The letter in question is the letter "O". It is zero. The man had nothing to write. The blind could read nothing. The person who was dumb could repeat nothing. The deaf man listened and heard nothing.
Riddle: A traveler came to the river side, with a donkey bearing an obelisk. But he did not venture to ford the tide, for he had too good an *. What is the missing word?
Answer: Asterisk = "Ass to Risk".
Riddles for Adults
Riddle: If someone robbed you in the shower, what would you be?
Answer: An eye wetness.
Riddle: The word FACETIOUSLY contains the six vowels, A-E-I-O-U and Y, in their alphabetical order. Can you find another English word that does the same?
Answer: The word is abstemiously. There may be others.
Riddles for Adults
Riddle: It's always 1 to 6, it's always 15 to 20, it's always 5, but it's never 21, unless it's flying. What is it?
Answer: The answer is: a dice. An explanation: "It's always 1 to 6": the numbers on the faces of the dice, "it's always 15 to 20": the sum of the exposed faces when the dice comes to rest after being thrown, "it's always 5": the number of exposed faces when the dice is at rest, "but it's never 21": the sum of the exposed faces is never 21 when the dice is at rest, "unless it's flying": the sum of all exposed faces when the dice is flying is 21 (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6).
Riddle: A boy leaves home in the morning to go to school. At the moment he leaves the house he looks at the clock in the mirror. The clock has no number indication and for this reason, the boy makes a mistake in interpreting the time (mirror-image). Just assuming the clock must be out of order, the boy cycles to school, where he arrives after twenty minutes. At that moment the clock at school shows a time that is two and a half hours later than the time that the boy saw on the clock at home. What time is it?
Answer: The difference between the real time and the time of the mirror image is two hours and ten minutes (two and a half hours, minus the twenty minutes of cycling). Therefore, the original time on the clock at home that morning could only have been five minutes past seven: The difference between these clocks is exactly 2 hours and ten minutes (note that also five minutes past one can be mirrored in a similar way, but this is not in the morning!). Conclusion: The boy reaches school at five minutes past seven plus twenty minutes of cycling, which is twenty-five minutes past seven!...
Riddles for Adults
Answer: Why is there so many more horses asses than there is horses?
Riddle: You are locked in a house and you have four objects. You have a wooden chair, a ladder, a piano, and a rubber ax. You can only pick one object and you can't get out by breaking anything. What would you use to get out?
Answer: You use the piano KEYS to ulock the door!
Riddle: Angry and Hungry are two words ending in 'gry" There are three words, (Using popular terminology) in the English Language, that ends in "GRY". The word is something that everyone uses every day. If you have listened carefully, I have already told you what it is. What is the third word?
Answer: The answer is terminology. It's the third word ending in gry. Using popular terminology
Riddle: When is a baby not a baby?
Answer: When it's a little cross.