Riddle: Why are mortgages like burglars?
Answer: They secure (seek your) money.
Riddle: What is the shape of a kiss?
Answer: Elliptical—a-lip-tickle.
What is the shape of a kiss? Riddle Meme.
Riddle: Why is an avaricious man like one with a short memory?
Answer: Because he is always for getting.
Riddle: A woman went into a bank to cash an insurance refund check. By mistake the teller gave her dollars for cents and cents for dollars. She put the money in her purse but accidentally dropped a nickel on the floor. When she got home, she found that she had exactly twice the amount of the check she had cashed. She didn't have any money in her wallet before going to the bank. What was the exact amount of that check?
Answer: The amount must have been $31.63. She received $63.31. After she dropped a nickel there would remain the sum of $63.26, which is twice the amount of the check.
Riddle: Join a noun and adjective, and make a verb. What is the word?
Answer: Impeach.
Join a noun and adjective, and make a verb. What is the word? Riddle Meme.
Riddle: A prisoner is told "If you tell a lie we will hang you; if you tell the truth we will shoot you." What can he say to save himself?
Answer: You will hang me.
Riddle: I like to be blue and have been since '63, but I could be anything if my circuit was fixed. I'm small yet infinitely bigger. I was grown but I'm made of metal. I am the last of my kind just like my beautiful idiot once was. Together we will travel, have traveled or are traveling. Tenses as seen, seeing, will see, are mysterious to me. Wibblies and wobblies, time correctly described by a Lord. What will I be, what have I been, or is it, what am I?
Answer: The T.A.R.D.I.S. from Doctor Who.
Riddle: A man is discovered dead sitting at his desk, alone in the locked office. He did not commit suicide and there was no weapons in the room. The only clue is a sealed envelope on the desk in front of him. How did he die?
Answer: The envelope glue was poisoned and when the man licked the envelope to seal it, he died.
Riddle: As defendants, we deny all involvement in the unscrupulous dealings which have come to light in the recent government investigation. What country name is hidden in the previous sentence?
Answer: Sweden. "defendants, we deny".
Riddle: What are the next 3 letters in this riddle? O T T F F S S _ _ _
Answer: E N T. Explanation: Each letter represents the first letter of each number one thru ten.