Riddle: You have 5 kids and you have to get them all into a car. Tommy and Timmy are twins but they fight so they can't sit together. Sarah and Sally fight too, so they can't sit together. Max fights with his sisters so he can only sit by his brothers. There are 5 seats side by side and you have to put them in order. How would you seat the kids, so that everyone is happy?
Answer: Sarah, Tommy, Max, Timmy, and then Sally.
Riddle: I always follow you around, everywhere you go at night. I look very bright to people, but I can make the sun dark. I can be in many different forms and shapes. What am I?
Answer: The moon!
Riddle: If 5 cats catch 5 mice in 5 minutes, how long will it take one cat to catch a mouse?
Answer: Five minutes.
Good Riddles
Riddle: A cloud was my mother, the wind is my father, my son is the cool stream, and my daughter is the fruit of the land. A rainbow is my bed, the earth my final resting place, and I'm the torment of man. Who Am I?
Answer: Rain.
Riddle: What is a ghost's favorite dessert?
Answer: Ice Scream.
Good Riddles
Riddle: You can see it every day, But cannot touch it at will. What is it?
Answer: The sky.
Riddle: I'm a god, a planet, and a measurer of heat. Who am I?
Answer: Mercury.
Good Riddles
Riddle: I am six letters. When you take one away I am twelve. What am I?
Answer: The word Dozens.
Riddle: What asks no questions but requires many answers?
Answer: A doorbell.
Riddle: Why didn't the Mummy have any friends?
Answer: He was too wrapped up in himself.