Riddle: Can you combine plus signs and five 2's to get 28? Can you combine plus signs and eight 8's to get 1,000?
Answer: 22+2+2+2=28; 888+88+8+8+8=1,000
Riddle: I come in a cone but I am not food; I will be skewed if you screw with my hue; I come by the millions but you can probably only name a few. What am I?
Answer: Colors.
My first is a negative greatly in use, By which people begin when they mean to refuse; My second is Fashion, or so called in France, But, like other whims, is the servant of chance. An article always in use is my whole, With texture and form under fashion's control; But, alas! not a thing can it see which goes by, Although many have four sights, and all have one eye. What am I?
Answer: But-ton.
Riddle: One fourth of the population of a newly discovered planet have 4 legs. The rest have two legs. There are 60 legs total. How big is the population of the newly discovered planet?
Answer: 24.
Riddle: Eight years ago, Bill was eight times the age of his son Bill Jr. Today, if you add their ages together, they add up to 52. How old are Bill and his son?
Answer: Bill is 40, and Bill Jr. is 12.
Riddle: A nonstop train leaves Moscow for Leningrad at 60 mph. Another nonstop train leaves Leningrad for Moscow at 40 mph. How far apart are the trains 1 hour before they pass each other?
Answer: 100 miles (60+40)
My first is found on the ocean wave, In the spring, the pit, and the mine; My second below earth's surface you have, Where seldom the sun can shine. My whole your dinner-table must grace, And seldom fails to obtain a place. What am I?
Answer: Salt-cellar.
Riddle: Four jolly men sat down to play, And played all night till break of day. They played for cash and not for fun, With a separate score for every one. When it came time to square accounts, they all had made quite fair amounts. Now, not one has lost and all have gained - Tell me now, this can you explain?
Answer: The four jolly men are members of an orchestra hired to play at a dance.
Riddle: There is one word in the English language which is universally considered a preventive of harm; change a certain letter in it, and you make it an act of cruelty. What are the words?
Answer: Prescription—proscription.
Riddle: A 300 ft. train is traveling 300 ft. per minute must travel through a 300 ft. long tunnel. How long will it take the train to travel through the tunnel?
Answer: Two minutes. It takes the front of the train one minute and the rest of the train will take two minutes to clear the tunnel.