Riddle: Sometimes I am loud and viewed with distaste. Poke out my eye, then I'm on the front of your face. What am I?
Answer: A noise, remove the "eye" aka "i" and you get a nose.
Riddle: Six glasses are in a row. The first three are filled with milk, and the last three are empty. By moving only one glass, can you arrange them so that the full and the empty glasses alternate?
Answer: Pick up the second glass and pour the milk into the fifth glass and then put it back in the second position.
Riddle: What is the capital in Washington?
Answer: The letter W.
Riddle: King Tut died 120 years after King Eros was born. Their combined age when they died was 100 years. King Eros died in the year 40 B.C. In what year was King Tut born?
Answer: King Tut was born in 20 B.C. There were 120 years between the birth of King Eros and the death of King Tut, but since their ages amounted to only 100 years, there must have been 20 years when neither existed. This would be a period between the death of King Eros, 40 B.C., and the birth of King Tut, 20 B.C.
Riddle: Jim was examining an angle measuring 14 and 1/2 degrees, using his magnifying glass that magnifies everything two times. Under the glass, how large would that angle measure?
Answer: 14 and 1/2 degrees. Explanation, angles remain constant when magnified. A square has 4-90 degree corners, if you zoom in (magnify) a square, it's still a square.
Riddle: An old man with a long, white, scraggly beard, dressed in old, dirty blue jeans, innocently approaches a group of females and takes a seat next to one of them. After saying a few words of greeting to her, he suddenly reaches out and grabs hold of her private parts, and begins pulling at her repeatedly. Surprisingly, the female shows no objection to this aggressive action by the man, and even feels relieved by his actions. Even more surprising, is the fact that all of the other females present in the group seem undisturbed by the incident. This is not a house of ill repute, and the man offers no money or other gifts to the female. But the man doesn't stop there, as he systematically moves to each of the other females in turn, and repeats the same sordid actions to each of them. Where is the outrage? Why isn't this man behind bars, instead of being allowed to molest females? And why aren't the other females objecting to the man's advances? Or perhaps, this situation isn't as bad as it appears. What exactly is going on here?
Answer: The man is a farmer who is milking his cows.
Riddle: If Zach finds 10 boxes of treasure when exploring and comes back tomorrow and finds a note saying, "Each day I will give 10 more treasure chests but each time you take one I give half of the amount you took". In 6 months how many will Zach have if he takes none?
Answer: 420 chests of treasure.
Riddle: If Peter has 2 brothers and Peter's father has three cupcakes and gives two to Peter's brothers who gets the last cupcake?
Answer: Peter.
Riddle: I am eight. I am Luck. I am Liquid. I am Ease. I am Gain. I am Zero. What am I?
Answer: The riddle "I am Zero" is unanswered. Do you know the answer? If so, click ANSWER and add your answer in the comments section.
Riddle: A pig cannot be found where the ringmaster and crowd make a loud sound. A pig cannot be found where lions, tigers, and bears roam around. What are these two places?
Answer: The circus and the zoo.