Riddle: If a fire hydrant has H2O inside, what does it have on the outside?
Answer: K9P (you'll get it eventually).
Riddle: What's the difference between a jeweler and a jailer?
Answer: A jeweler sells watches and a jailer watches cells.
Riddle: If you drop a yellow hat in the Red Sea, what does it become?
Answer: Wet, duh!
Riddle: How could a cowboy ride into town on Friday, stay two days, and ride out on Friday?
Answer: His horse is named Friday.
Riddle: What's as big as you are yet doesn't weigh an ounce?
Answer: A shadow.
Riddle: What kind of running means walking?
Answer: Running out of gas!
Riddle: I can be found where anything cannot; dead men eat me all the time, but if a living man eats me, he'll die. What am I?
Answer: I am nothing.
Riddle: Dead on the field lie ten soldiers in white, felled by three eyes, black as night. What happened?
Answer: A strike was thrown in 10 pin bowling.
Riddle: What question can you never answer?
Answer: "What's it like to be dead?"
Riddle: What goes up when the rain comes down?
Answer: An umbrella.