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Riddle: If Zach finds 10 boxes of treasure when exploring and comes back tomorrow and finds a note saying, "Each day I will give 10 more treasure chests but each time you take one I give half of the amount you took". In 6 months how many will Zach have if he takes none?
Answer: 420 chests of treasure.
Riddle: If Peter has 2 brothers and Peter's father has three cupcakes and gives two to Peter's brothers who gets the last cupcake?
Answer: Peter.
Riddle: I am eight. I am Luck. I am Liquid. I am Ease. I am Gain. I am Zero. What am I?
Answer: The riddle "I am Zero" is unanswered. Do you know the answer? If so, click ANSWER and add your answer in the comments section.
Riddle: A pig cannot be found where the ringmaster and crowd make a loud sound. A pig cannot be found where lions, tigers, and bears roam around. What are these two places?
Answer: The circus and the zoo.
Riddle: Everyone has one but also can lose it. What is it?
Answer: Your Mind.
Riddle: It was during the autumn season of last year when Ruth began seeing a psychiatrist due to "hallucinations" she said she was experiencing. Ruth had lived her entire life in the city but had moved far out into a very rural suburb near a forest, and close to a small pond. She reported to her psychiatrist she imagined seeing a large letter "V" in the sky one day while walking outside, as well as hearing numerous high-pitched voices she felt were trying to communicate with her. After that day, nearly every time she took a stroll outside, she would see the letter "V" up in the air, accompanied by the voices. Sometimes she reported sighting up to five of these "V" letters with the distant voices calling to her, during her daily outside walks. The psychiatrist thought for a moment, and then told Ruth she wasn't experiencing any hallucinations, but rather, was seeing ....? What did the psychiatrist suggest Ruth had been observing?
Answer: Having spent her whole life in the city, Ruth was not familiar with seeing flocks of geese (traveling in a "V" shape) heading south for the winter during the autumn season.
Riddle:  "At the school recently, only the ___ students could solve the ___ equation."  Can you complete this sentence using words that are anagrams of each other?
Answer: Brainy and Binary. Or, you can use Reserved and Reversed.
Riddle: A bizarre ritual occurs, often when the weather is hot, and it has been happening for over 100 years. Two men bring two cups to a place where a large plate is located. They do not drink anything from their cups and eat nothing from the plate. Soon, a third man joins the other two, and he brings with him his cup and a wooden object. Strangely, two of the three men wear masks, despite the fact all three of them know each other. Over the next two to three hours, only one of the men remains near the large plate, while various other men continue to take their cups and wooden objects to and from their meeting place with the other two men. Just what is this strange ritual?
Answer: The two masked men are the home plate umpire and the two catchers taking turns coming to the plate. One at a time, the hitters from both sides come to the plate to hit. All the players and the umpire always wear protective cups.
Riddle: Hey baseball fans, here’s an unusual game. See if you can figure out how this combination of events happened. A regular nine-inning baseball game ended with a score of two to nothing. During the game, there was one home run, a double, and 10 singles. During all these three events there was only one out. There were two walks. There were no double or triple plays. At the end of each team’s at-bat, there was no man left on base. There were no stolen bases, or pickoffs, and nobody was caught stealing. There were no errors of any type. How could this be?
Answer: It was a woman’s baseball game.
Riddle: I am best greeted like an old friend. Starting with the beginning of the middle of the middle and end of the end. You can pretend, you can hide and run from me, my friend. But I am coming for all, the big and the small. The large and the tall, I can start with a trip or a fall. I make grown men tremble upon hearing my call. What am I?
Answer: Death.

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