Riddle: Why are opera singers good sailors?
Answer: Because they can handle the seas!
Riddle: How did the court know the judge was ready for bed?
Answer: He was wearing his robe.
Riddle: Where do Generals keep their armies?
Answer: Up their sleevies!
Riddle: What does a stone become when in the water?
Answer: A whetstone.
Riddle: What snacks do you serve at a robot party?
Answer: Assorted nuts.
Riddle: How did the chimp fix the leaky faucet?
Answer: With a monkey wrench.
Riddle: How are people like animals?
Answer: We have bare (bear) feet, frogs in our throats, calves on our legs and bull on our tongue.
Riddle: How do chiropractors swim laps?
Answer: They do the back stroke.
Riddle: What is the time-piece, That needs no winding?
Answer: A rooster.
Riddle: What kind of sandwich sinks to the bottom of the tub?
Answer: A submarine sandwich!