Riddle: What happened when the rubber duckie fell into the bathtub?
Answer: It quacked up.
Riddle: How did the farmer fix his jeans?
Answer: With a cabbage patch!
Riddle: What's wide at the bottom, narrow at the top, and has ears?
Answer: A mountain with mountainears
Riddle: How do you clean a dirty tuba?
Answer: With a tuba toothpaste!
Riddle: What type of bean is a cannibals favorite to eat ?
Answer: A Human Being.
Riddle: What is that which never uses its teeth for eating purposes?
Answer: A comb.
Riddle: What did the baby robot say to his mom?
Answer: "I love you watts and watts."
Riddle: Where do sailors take their baths?
Answer: In a tubmarine.
Riddle: What is a sheep's favorite type of chocolate?
Answer: A Hersheys baaa.
Riddle: I can run but not walk. Whereever I go, thought follows me close behind?
Answer: A nose.