Riddle: Who always goes to bed with his shoes on?
Answer: A horse.
Riddle: If a man carried my burden he would break his back. I am not rich, but leave silver in my track. What am I?
Answer: I am a snail.
Riddle: Mary's father has five children. They are Nana, Nene, Nini, and Nono. What is the fifth childs name?
Answer: Mary.
Classic Riddles
Riddle: Poke your fingers in my eyes and I will open wide my jaws. Linen cloth, quills, or paper, my greedy lust devours them all. What am I?
Answer: Shears, or scissors.
Riddle: I'm tempting, so it's said, I have a shiny coat of red, And my flesh is white beneath. I smell so sweet, Taste good to eat, And help to guard your teeth. What am I?
Answer: I am an apple!
Classic Riddles
Riddle: What is often returned but never borrowed?
Answer: Thanks.
Riddle: I can be any color you can imagine. You see me in everyday life. I have been around for many, many years, look around, you can probably see some of me right now. What am I?
Answer: Paint.
Classic Riddles
Riddle: What eleven-letter English word does everyone pronounce incorrectly?
Answer: Incorrectly!
Riddle: At the sound of me, men may dream, Or stamp their feet. At the sound of me, women may laugh, Or sometimes weep. What am I?
Answer: I am Music!
Riddle: I'm named after nothing, though I'm awfully clamorous. And when I'm not working, your house is less glamorous. What am I?
Answer: A vacuum cleaner.
Riddle: I am only useful when I am full, yet I am always full of holes. What am I?
Answer: I am a Sponge.
Riddle: What can't be burned in fire, nor drowned in water?
Answer: Ice.
Riddle: What can you put in a barrel, that will make the barrel lighter?
Answer: A Hole.
Riddle: What is it that you ought to keep after you have given it to someone else?
Answer: A promise, of course.
Riddle: One day, a thirty-story building was on fire. A man jumped out a window and nothing happened to him. Nothing was under him. How is this possible?
Answer: He was on the first floor.
Riddle: What always was, yet can never be?
Answer: Yesterday.
Riddle: I only have two backbones and thousands of ribs. What am I?
Answer: A railroad.
Riddle: Rock and roll, rock and roll. What rocks but does not roll?
Answer: A Rocking chair
Riddle: Duels of good and evil, A fighter of good am I, Revealed beside watched words, King of the black night sky. What am I?
Answer: The dark.
Riddle: I like to roam but I'll always stay home, I leave a silver track, If you carried what I could carry with the way I moved, You'd break your neck and back. What am I?
Answer: A Snail.