Riddle: If I eat I live yet if I drink I die. What am I ?
Answer: Fire.
Riddle: I hit the tall miss the small. In a flash I am gone. What am I?
Answer: Lightning.
Riddle: What has an eye but can not see?
Answer: A needle.
Short Riddles
Riddle: Where can everyone sit on except you?
Answer: Your lap.
Riddle: What's 3/7 chicken, 2/3 cat, and 2/4 goat?
Answer: Chicago. The first three words out of seven of chicken are CHI, the first two words out of 3 of cat are CA, and the first two words out of goat are GO. Therefore making, (CHI)(CA)(GO).
Short Riddles
Riddle: Where do horses live?
Answer: In a NEIGHborhood.
Riddle: What can be lost, but not returned?
Answer: Life.
Short Riddles
Riddle: There is a man, with his horse he is going to a town. The man went to the town on Monday. He stayed there for 3 days and then he came back on Friday. How? His horse was not tired, he wasn't sleepy and took rest.
Answer: The horse's name was Friday.
Riddle: I have no life, but I can die. What am I?
Answer: A battery.
Riddle: Excuse me, waiter, this food tastes funny?
Answer: Then why aren't you laughing?
Riddle: How do you make "one" disappear?
Answer: Add a G to it and it's gone.
Riddle: Why is the moon like a dollar?
Answer: Because it has four quarters.
Riddle: Which is the most curious letter?
Answer: Y?
Riddle: Noelani is outside a shop. She cant read the signs but she knows she needs to go in to make a purchase. What store is she at?
Answer: Eye glasses store.
Riddle: What is an alien's favorite outdoor game to play with humans?
Answer: Flying disc.
Riddle: What is so fragile that when you say its name you break it?
Answer: Silence.
Riddle: Why can't a cheetah hide?
Answer: Because it is spotted!
Riddle: What fruit always travels in groups of two?


Riddle: What did the first casket say to the second casket?
Answer: Is that you coffin?
Riddle: When are boys like bears?
Answer: When they're bare-footed.