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"Bread" Riddles - First 10 of 11.

Riddle: How does the gingerbread man make his bed?
Answer: With cookie sheets.
Riddle: If you put roast in a roaster, what do you put in toaster?
Answer: Bread.
Riddle: Write the missing half of each word pair ? 11. Peace and 12. Thunder and 13. Back and 14. Thick and 15. Tooth and 16. Sticks and 17. Aches and 18. Bread and 19. Hammer and 20. Hide and
Answer: 11. Quiet 12. Lightning 13. Forth 14. Thin 15. Nail 16. Stones 17. Pains 18. Butter 19. Nail 20. Seek
Riddle: A retired couple had just completed construction on a brand new house. The husband had worked in construction, and his wife had been an interior decorator, so the finished house looked great. They were so proud of their new house, they invited their 12 grandchildren over to see it. Within an hour of their visit, however, the 12 children had broken several windows, pulled decorations from the walls, smashed parts of the white fence surrounding the house, and somehow even managed to destroy parts of the new roof. Shockingly, the retired couple did not try to set any behavioral limits on their grandchildren, and in fact, were observed smiling and laughing as their grandchildren inflicted damage on the house the couple had so carefully created together. Has the world gone mad? What kind of insanity was going on here?
Answer: The retired couple had constructed a small gingerbread house for their grandchildren, and invited them over to eat it.
Riddle: What do elves make a sandwich with?
Answer: Shortbread.
Riddle: Why is the best baker most in want of bread?
Answer: Because he kneads (needs) it most.
Riddle: Why is the sun like a good loaf of bread?
Answer: Because it's light when it rises.
Riddle: What is that which, supposing it's greatest breadth to be four inches, length nine inches, and depth three inches and contains a solid foot?
Answer: A shoe.
Riddle: I have heard of a something-or-other, growing in its nook, swelling and rising, pushing up its covering. Upon that boneless thing a cocky-minded young woman took a grip with her hands; with her apron a lord's daughter covered the tumescent thing. What is it?
Answer: Dough turning into bread.
Riddle: Why are beautiful women like bread?
Answer: Because they are often toasted.

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