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Riddle: A father is naming the daughter that his wife is giving birth to, their other childrens names are: Dick, Donald, Daisy, Dana and Diana what is he going to name the new baby? Dawn, Tia or Jana?
Answer: Dawn because all of the family is alliteration. Father:Dark Dask mother:Dusk Dask, Dick Dask, Donald Dask, Daisy Dask, Dana Dask and Diana Dask now Dawn Dask.
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Names 2 Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: A woman is naming her newest child, her other children are named:Ruby, Rodrick, Rick and Ralph, which name will she name her child? Tristan, Rohn or Connor?
Answer: Rohn, because she names all her children with names that start with R, so she does a name with R every child!
Names Riddle Meme.
Names Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: The pet shop starts with some dogs, then someone comes and takes 1 of the dogs, then another person and their child take 4 dogs. After that a mother, father and their 18 kids adopt 12 dogs. Then the pet shop receaves 3 dogs and someone takes 1, now the pet shop has 2 dogs. How many dogs did they have at the beginning?
Answer: 17 dogs because 17-1=16-4=12-12=0+3=3-1=2.
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Doggies Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: School starts at 8:30, they do math at that time, they do reading at 9:00, they do music at 9:30, they do P.E. at 10:00, then more math at 10:30, then they have tests at 11:00 then correcting them at 11:30 then Lunch at 12:00 and recess at 12:30, then they do reading at 1:00, then they do small group stations at 1:30 then they do another recess at 2:00 then they have a party at 2:30 and then they clean up after the party at 3:00, what time do they go home today?
Answer: 3:30 because each activity is 30 minutes so they clean up for 30 minutes then leave at 3:30!
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