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Riddle: In a reality show, there is a challenge for choosing teams. There are ten contestants: Hannah, Ryan, Jenny, Debstep, Markus, Ernesto, Georgia, Florida, California, and Jackson. The last two contestants remaining will be team captains. Team A will have the people who failed according to odd numbers (e.g. first faller, third, fifth). Team B will be the evens. Here are the clues: Hannah fails after Debstep || Ryan fails before Markus || Markus fails before Ernesto || Debstep fails after Ernesto || Florida fails after Georgia || California fails before Jackson || Jackson fails before Georgia || Hannah fails before California || Jenny fails after Florida. Who are the teams and who are the captains?
Answer: * = captain Team A: Florida*, Jackson, Hannah, Ernesto, Ryan Team B: Jenny*, Georgia, California, Debstep, Markus
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