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1. Riddle: There are two monkeys on a tree and one jumps off. Why does the other monkey jump too?
Answer: Monkey see monkey do.

2. Riddle: How do monkeys make toast?
Answer: They put it under the g'rilla

3. Riddle: What did Tony the Tiger wear to bed?
Answer: Paw-jamas

4. Riddle: Even if they are starving, natives living in the Arctic will never eat a penguin's egg. Why not?
Answer: Penguins only live in Antarctica.

5. Riddle: There are three doors. In each door is a way to die. The first door has fire and lava. The second door has lions that haven't eaten in 5 years. In the third door, there is a 1,000-foot drop into alligators. Which door will you likely survive?
Answer: The second door with the lions. Since they haven't eaten in 5 years they will have died.

6. Riddle: How was the robot gorilla fixed?
Answer: With a monkey wrench.

7. Riddle: What are the three keys that open no doors?
Answer: MonKEYs, donKEYs, and turKeys.

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8. Riddle: First you see me in the grass dressed in yellow gay; next I am in dainty white, then I fly away. What am I?
Answer: I am a Dandelion.

9. Riddle: Where do penguins keep their money?
Answer: In a snow bank!

10. Riddle: How does a penguin build houses?
Answer: Igloos it together.

11. Riddle: You are in a room with three monkeys, one has a stick, one has a banana, and one has nothing. Who is the smartest in the room?
Answer: You, of course, is a monkey smarter than you?

12. Riddle: Which species of lions do not hunt?
Answer: Dandelion.

13. Riddle: What key is playful?
Answer: Monkey.

14. Riddle: What flower would remind you of a certain animal that took a great deal of care about its appearance?
Answer: A dandelion (dandy lion).

15. Riddle: You walk into your house you see three doors you've never seen before. One vampire bat that will suck your blood. Two zombies that will eat your brain. Three a lion that hasn't eaten for over six months. Which one do you go through?
Answer: Three a lion that hasn't eaten for over 6 months because he would be dead.

16. Riddle: A guy gets to choose how to die he has 3 choices, one to get put in the electric chair, two to get hung, and three to get thrown in a lion pit of lions that had not eaten in one thousand years. Which did he choose?
Answer: The lion pit because they had not eaten in one thousand years so they were already dead.

17. Riddle: What business is King Kong in?
Answer: The Monkey Business.

18. Riddle: I've existed for Trillions of years, but only been around for 30 days. What am I?
Answer: The moon. You get a full moon every 30 days.

19. Riddle: What did the koala say to the bear on the phone?
Answer: I’ll koala you later.

20. Riddle: Which would see most clearly in total darkness? A bat, a tiger, or an owl.
Answer: None. In total darkness, it is impossible to see anything.

21. Riddle: What do you get when you mate Simba with a pair of glasses?
Answer: Sea lion.

22. Riddle: A lion; capture it. What is the anagrammed word?
Answer: Recapitulation.

23. Riddle: Tom can pet lions. What is the anagrammed word?
Answer: Contemplation.

24. Riddle: What is the monkey's favorite month?
Answer: Ape-bril.

25. Riddle: Cat, horse, monkey; Hat, sombrero, Cappello; Sheep, wool, haggis; Dairy, blueberry, cherry; Television, computer, phone; Which set of words doesn't belong?
Answer: Dairy, blueberry, cherry; All sets of words have a common theme, but this set of words is the only one that rhymes.

26. Riddle: Two people meet inside of a zoo and after some time a child was born. The child of two people had no clue, but the two people who meet already knew. The child was the person who acted like glue. Who are the two people that met at the zoo?
Answer: The adopted parents.

27. Riddle: Why is a conundrum like a monkey?
Answer: Because it is far-fetched and full of nonsense.

28. Riddle: What do you call a guy who sleeps with his pet tiger?
Answer: Claude.

29. Riddle: I can race like a car, but I can also go as slow as a sloth, I am very famous in a movie, but I seem like I shouldn't be, what am I?
Answer: Turbo.

30. Riddle: What do you call a flying monkey?
Answer: A hot air baboon.

31. Riddle: How did the chimp fix the leaky faucet?
Answer: With a monkey wrench.

32. Riddle: Would you rather have a tiger or lion eat you?
Answer: I'd rather have the tiger eat the lion.

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