Riddle: Why would Snow White be a good judge?
Answer: Because she's the fairest in the land.
Riddle: How do you make a strawberry shake?
Answer: Tell it a scary story!
Riddle: What sea is in space?
Answer: The galax-sea.
Easy Riddles
Riddle: What can a child make but not see?
Answer: Noise.
Riddle: What has all the letters of the alphabet but not in the correct order?
Answer: A keyboard!
Easy Riddles
Riddle: What changes a pear into a pearl?
Answer: The letter L.
Riddle: I went to Australia but I am still at my home. How did I go?
Answer: In my dreams.
Easy Riddles
Riddle: What is hard to find but easy to lose, worth more than gold but costs less than a penny?
Answer: A Friend.
Riddle: What has a foot but no leg?
Answer: A ruler!
Riddle: Nick timed himself and found out that if he wore a bright white outfit he ran 20 miles in 80 minutes, but when he wore a dark outfit, he ran 20 miles in one hour and twenty minutes. What does this mean for his next race?
Answer: Nothing, as 80 minutes equals an hour and twenty minutes.
Riddle: What's the only thing you know for sure is going to happen?
Answer: Dying.
Riddle: You have 10 fish. 5 of your fish drowned. 3 came back to life. How many fish do you have left?
Answer: Fish can't drown. (LOL I know, still easy)
Riddle: There is an apple 26 feet away from the horse. The chain is 24 feet long. How will the horse get to the apple?
Answer: Easy, just walk there. The chain isn't tied to anything.
Riddle: My first is twice in apple but not once in tart. My second is in liver but not in heart. My third is in giant and also in ghost. Whole I'm best when I am roast.  What am I?
Answer: The word Pig.
Riddle: Why is a dirty rug like a bad boy?
Answer: Both need beating.
Riddle: What can you catch but not throw?
Answer: A cold!
Riddle: I'm invisible to the eye. I can never die but without me, you will die. People keep me in jars and boxes but when will they realize that I'm as close as thin air. I'm never easy to be found but sometimes caught lurking around. What am I?
Answer: Your soul.
Riddle: What has two hands two arms but no feet?
Answer: A clock.
Riddle: I am as long as 10 people standing on each other. I am as strong as 10 people's strength. Yet, a little boy can just walk over me. What am I?
Answer: A rope.
Riddle: I am colorless, weightless, and all around you. Having me makes it easy to live, seeing me is impossible to do. What am I?
Answer: Oxygen.