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"Word" Riddles - Next 10 of 265.

Riddle: What six letter word when you take one letter away there is still a word, take another letter away and you still have a word and do that until you have one letter left?
Answer: Estate. Estate, state, stat, sat, at, and a.
Riddle: I am in your eye. I am a school child. I am a word of five. What am I?
Answer: Pupil.
Riddle: Can you guess the next letter in the series? CYGTNLIT
Answer: S! Look at the first letter of every word.
Riddle: I have one, you have one. Take away a letter and a bit remains. If you remove the second, bit still remains. After much trying, you might be able to remove the first one also, but it remains. What's the word?
Answer: Habit! Remove the 'H', and it's 'a bit'. Remove the 'A', and it's 'bit'. Remove 'B', and it's 'it'.
Riddle: I am 2 in 54, five letter word, I am known as wild and some say unpredictable. I can raise you victorious or drop you too failure? What am I?
Answer: Joker.
Riddle: Split me in half, and you get me and another me. What word am I?
Answer: Meme.
Riddle: What two words can open doors for you for the rest of your life?
Answer: Push and pull!
Riddle: I am a seven lettered word; my first three letters refer to a place a driver sits in a bus. My first five letters refer to a small room on a ship; my middle three letters is a container people put waste in. My last three letters refer to one which catches fish. My whole refer to a furniture with doors. What am I?
Answer: A Cabinet.
Riddle: What word is the same if you turn it upside down and backwards?
Answer: suns.
Riddle: Write the missing half of each word pair ? 11. Peace and 12. Thunder and 13. Back and 14. Thick and 15. Tooth and 16. Sticks and 17. Aches and 18. Bread and 19. Hammer and 20. Hide and
Answer: 11. Quiet 12. Lightning 13. Forth 14. Thin 15. Nail 16. Stones 17. Pains 18. Butter 19. Nail 20. Seek