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Riddle: What's the word inside the riddle?
Answer: The iddl.
Riddle: There are eight people who like each other? Rhonda likes Jim. Tom likes Amber. Cameron likes Britney. Will likes Katie. They all know that they're liked by at least someone. The question is, who is loved? *Hint think about the *words in this statement...
Answer: No one is loved, they're just liked.
Riddle: What is the missing half of each word pair? 1. Hot and 2. Lock and 3. Black and 4. Scream and 5. Body and 6. Left and 7. Bacon and 8. Cat and 9. Up and 10. Burgers and
Answer: 1. Cold 2. Key 3. White/Blue 4. Shout 5. Soul 6. Right 7. Eggs 8. Mouse 9. Down 10. Fries
Riddle: A store has on sale a computer and word processor small enough to fit in your pocket. It can add, multiply, subtract, divide, and write in all languages. A delete device will correct any error. No electricity is required to operate it. The price? Only a few cents! How can the store make a profit by selling it so cheap?
Answer: The computer is a wooden pencil with an eraser!
Riddle: A riddle in which the answer is a 6 letter word. A monument - men all agree - am I in all sincerity. Half cat, half hindrance made. If head and tail removed should be, then most of all you strengthen me; replace my head, then stand you see on which my tail is laid. What is it?
Answer: A Tablet.
Riddle: A queen bee was buzzing, a worker bee was buzzing, a honey bee was buzzing, and a killer bee was buzzing. How many bees were in buzzing?
Answer: One. There is only one b in the word buzzing
Riddle: Can you Form a word from the letters? A B C D E F G I. (note; the word is hyphenated)
Answer: Big-Faced.
Riddle: DEFENDING, CALMNESS, SIGHING, CANOPY and STUMBLE. What do these words have in common?
Answer: They each have 3 letters in common. CA NOP Y.
Riddle: What have these words in common? ASPIRATED GRANGERS PRELATES SWINGERS CHASTENS
Answer: All can be diminished by one letter (from begining and end alternately) forming a new word each time.
Riddle: I'm a word that's hardly there. Take away my start, and I'm an herbal flair. What am I?
Answer: Sparsely (No S = Parsley).