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Riddle: Three-fourths of a cross, and a circle complete, An upright where two semicircles meet, A rectangle triangle standing on feet, Two semicircles, and a circle complete. What is it?
Answer: The word Tobacco.
Riddle: What is a pirates favorite word?
Answer: Arrgh.
Riddle: There is one word in the English language which is universally considered a preventive of harm; change a certain letter in it, and you make it an act of cruelty. What are the words?
Answer: Prescription—proscription.
Riddle: What is the only common four-letter English word that ends in the suffix -eny?
Answer: Deny.
Riddle: What are the 2 longest words in the English language that can be typed using only your left hand on the keyboard?
Answer: 1: Stewardesses 2: Reverberated
Riddle: Join a noun and adjective, and make a verb. What is the word?
Answer: Impeach.
Riddle: Granny looked up from her rocking chair and said: As far as I can tell, there is only one anagram of the word trinket. What is it?
Answer: The word knitter.
Riddle: What's the word inside the riddle?
Answer: The iddl.
Riddle: There are eight people who like each other? Rhonda likes Jim. Tom likes Amber. Cameron likes Britney. Will likes Katie. They all know that they're liked by at least someone. The question is, who is loved? *Hint think about the *words in this statement...
Answer: No one is loved, they're just liked.
Riddle: What is the missing half of each word pair? 1. Hot and 2. Lock and 3. Black and 4. Scream and 5. Body and 6. Left and 7. Bacon and 8. Cat and 9. Up and 10. Burgers and
Answer: 1. Cold 2. Key 3. White/Blue 4. Shout 5. Soul 6. Right 7. Eggs 8. Mouse 9. Down 10. Fries