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Riddle: If you take me four steps forward from the ball you will see something making a noise. but if you take me four more steps you will need to pay money. Who am i?
Answer: The letter A. If you take the letter 'a' from the word 'ball' and you move it four steps it becomes 'e' and the word is 'bell' and it makes noise and then you move it four more it becomes 'i' and then the word is 'bill' and you need to pay money.
Riddle: There is 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in a hour, how many seconds are in a race?
Answer: 1. In a race, only 1 person can get second place.
Riddle: Each clue leads to a word beginning with B.A.T. 1. A BAT used by an orchestra conductor. 2. This BAT fight crime. 3. A BAT that you soak in. 4. Which BAT stores electricity? 5. This naval BAT sails the sea. What are the answers?
Answer: 1. BATon 2. BATman 3. BATh 4. BATtery 5. BATtle ship
Riddle: What is a five letter word with no vowels?
Answer: Crypt (others are accepted).
Riddle: I share people who you love. My fifth letter is in letter but not in mutt. if you cut off two heads I become what you do to hit some one with a weapon. I can have designes but I might be blank. My second letter is in racing but not in lace. If your you cut my first head and last head I become something you do to break a lock door. My third letter is in blanket but not in brother my fourth letter is in information but not in rational. My first letter is not in same but is in fame Sometime I can show your hard work. I can mean something boring or something that is really important not to do. I rhyme with two words in this riddle. What am I?
Answer: Frame.
Riddle: What word can be grammatically correct, when used consecutively in the English language?
Answer: Had:'"James while John had had had had had had had had had had had a better effect on the teacher" is an English sentence used to demonstrate lexical ambiguity and the necessity of punctuation, which serves as a substitute for the intonation, stress, and pauses found in speech."-Wikipedia. Cool, Huh?
Riddle: Riddle Games - Image Riddle #3013 What is the hidden word, phrase or title in the below image? Riddle Games  - Image Riddle #3013 Find the hidden word, phrase or title.
Answer: Upside-down cake.
Riddle: Other than being colors, what do the words orange, silver, and purple have in common?
Answer: There are no words in the English language that rhyme with them.
Riddle: You are all trapped in a place called Marge's Madhouse, and she(Marge) runs the place using only one law. Figure out her law by using the clues listed below, and you will force her to release you from her domain of doom. To do this successfully, you must suggest one thing to Marge she would love to have. If Marge truly loves your suggestion, she will then ------ and only then ------ allow you to leave her house of insanity. Here are the clues: Marge loves warts; but she hates blemishes. Marge loves pins; but she hates needles. Marge loves spam; but she hates meat. Marge loves sleep; but she hates sleeping. Marge loves rats; but she hates rodents. Marge loves desserts; but she hates pastries. Marge loves war; but she hates conflicts. Marge loves pets, but she hates animals. Marge loves evil; but she hates Satan. Marge loves pool; but she hates billiards. ***** Since Marge does not allow sleeping or meat in her madhouse, you have only a few days to survive her domain of doom before you become insane. What do you think Marge would love to have?
Answer: All the things Marge loves are of the same pattern. Each item she loves can be spelled backwards to form another word. This cannot be done with the things Marge hates. To successfully escape Marge's Madhouse, you must suggest a word to Marge which, when spelled backwards, will spell another word.
Riddle: What is a pirates favorite word?
Answer: Arrgh.