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Riddle: A single word which is versatile, it can be a letter, unknown to the problem, a variable, a target, a love, an intercept, and a type of chromosome. What am I?
Answer: X.
Riddle: Close to the words of life stay I, But I wither, wane, and dry. What am I?
Answer: A Bible-pressed flower.
Riddle: Tom can pet lions. What is the anagrammed word?
Answer: Contemplation.
Riddle: And finally give me the sound often heard during the search for a hard-to-find word?
Answer: Er.
Riddle: This is fishy, no doubt. Just don't cry or shout. Don't start punching with your hands, just think of faraway lands. This paragraph of words stumps, mushing your brain into lumps. And you might find a solution about what's making this confusion. What's so fishy about this?
Answer: The answer as you can see, is that it didn't use the most common letter of E.
Riddle: I am in Time, and I am in Tie. I am in FIsh, I am also sometimes only one. What Am I?
Answer: The Letter I. The letter I is in every word it is in "I am in tIme, and I am in tIe, I am in fIsh," The letter I can also be alone in A Sentence. Example: Well, I can be alone!
Riddle: Endlessly, I hunger, Lazily, I sleep. Murderous, I thunder, Desires, I do seek. Hoarding countless treasures, so my stature I retain, Envious of others whose feet on Earth remain. What am I?
Answer: "The Seven Deadly Sins" - Reasoning: Each sentence structure portrays one of the seven deadly sins from Christian theology, with the exception of the final 5 words. In order according to the riddle, these are; gluttony, sloth, wrath, lust, greed, pride and envy. The final 5 words, "whose feet on Earth remain", act in conjunction with the section on envy, demonstrating the perspective of a sinner in hell, who is envious of those still alive, and thus can still repent for their sins in order to enter Heaven.
Riddle: One way, I'm part of you, another we're related. What word am I?
Answer: Skin/kins. Skin can be rearranged into "kins" and vice-versa.
Riddle: Hen, I am he. What is the anagrammed word?
Answer: Nehemiah.
Riddle: What color in the English language doesn't rhyme with any other English words?
Answer: Orange!