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Riddle: A horse jumps over a tower and the tower disappears. It's not an illusion or a dream. So where could this happen?
Answer: On a chessboard.
Riddle: People who want to get rid of me forever, there are dreamers, there are ignorant people; people who are happy to greet me, there are indifferent people, there are crazy people; most people fear me, but I will come eventually. What am I?
Answer: Death.
Riddle: A woman went to see her psychiatrist and told him about a strange dream she had just had the night before. She said she had dreamed she was eating a late supper when she suddenly saw a "jay" before her, but it wasn't blue, and it wasn't flying. Then she saw a "pea", but it wasn't green, and it wasn't in a garden. Next, she envisioned a "sea", but it had no waves or boats. A "bee" then unexpectedly appeared, but it did not sting her. Shockingly, she then encountered an "eye", but it didn't blink or wink at her. Finally, she reported to the psychiatrist, "And then I saw "you" in my dream, but "you" did not speak to me." The psychiatrist quickly analyzed the woman's story and told her, "That was no dream you had. If you want these "dreams" to stop, you've got to stop eating your favorite food so late at night!" What was the food the psychiatrist told the woman to stop eating, and what exactly was going on here?
Answer: The psychiatrist knew of the woman’s regular habit of eating a bowl of alphabet soup just before going to bed each night. This was the reason for her dreaming about the various letters of the alphabet she had seen while eating —— in this case —— the letters J, P, C, B, I, and U.
Riddle: In camps about the centre I appear; In smiling meadows seen throughout the year; The silent angler views me in the streams, And all must trace me in their morning dreams, First in the mob conspicuous I stand, Proud of the lead, and ever in command. What am I?
Answer: The letter M.
Riddle: Professor Hunter, a former world traveler and recently retired community college teacher, is now able to pursue his favorite hobby in the comfort of his own home. Several diplomas, certificates, and a license to practice his hobby adorn his study where he continues to engage in his favorite pastime, which also happens to be the subject he taught part-time at the community college. He told me of a nightmare he had last week after he fell asleep in his study. The professor said he dreamed he was on a hunting expedition in an African jungle, far from any civilization. In his nightmare, he found himself alone, without any weapons, and was suddenly surrounded by a lion, a hippopotamus, a leopard, a cheetah, and a ferocious cape buffalo. They were just closing in for the kill when he suddenly awoke from his dream. But was it a dream? Professor Hunter said he nearly had a heart attack when he looked around the room, and realized the dream was real after all! What was the professor's hobby, and why was he so frightened when he awoke from his dream?
Answer: Professor Hunter was a world traveler as well as a big game hunter. He studied the art of taxidermy, got his license, and taught this favorite hobby of his at the community college for many years. He decorated his study with the heads of several big game animals he had bagged while hunting in Africa. He gave himself a genuine scare when he awakened from his dream to see the heads of the very animals of which he had just dreamt.
Riddle: From a tent, with my band, a sickness I induce. Not a camper, not a musician, not an illness. With my paint, wearing tailored clothes, my remedy heals all. Not an artist, not a tailor, not a doctor. Along follow sharp knives and teeth, to some a gift and others a nightmare. Not a cop, not a zookeeper, not a dream. What am I?
Answer: A clown. performes in a tent with other performers(clowns,animals,knife jugglers), makes people laugh, many find clowns funny or frightening.
Riddle: I am the creature that robs men of their dignity, pride, and will. I feast on children's dreams till' they have none. I am the monster in your head, waiting to strike. What am I?
Answer: I am fear, SO FEAR ME!
Riddle: They are scenes of madness, grief, gaiety, seeming purpose, confusion and queerness often appearing in the dark hours of night. They stretch through time, seeming only but a few moments, yet when reality is not as kind. When appearing they are logical, but when reminiscing they are strange and odd. What is it?
Answer: Dreams.
Riddle: Dreaming of apples on a wall. And dreaming often, dear. I dreamed that, if I counted all, How many would appear? How many?
Answer: And dreaming of ten, dear.
Riddle: A soccer fan, upset by the defeat of his favorite team, slept restlessly. In his dream a goalkeeper was practicing in a large unfurnished room, tossing a soccer ball against the wall and then catching it. But the goalkeeper grew smaller and smaller and then changed into a ping-pong ball while the soccer ball was swelled up into a huge cast-iron ball. The iron ball circled round madly, trying to crush the ping-pong ball, how did the ping-pong find safety whithout leaving the floor?
Answer: If the ping-pong ball rolls flush against the wall, the cast-iron ball cannot crush it. Those who know geometry can determine that if the diameter of a large ball is at least 5.83 (3+2(square root of 2) times as large as the diameter of a little ball, then the little ball will be safe if it hugs the wall. A cast-iron ball that is larger than a soccer ball is more than 4.83 times as large in diameter as a ping-pong ball.