A woman went to see her psychiatrist and told him about a strange dream she had just had the night before. She said she had dreamed she was eating a late supper when she suddenly saw a "jay" before her, but it wasn’t blue, and it wasn't flying. Then she saw a "pea", but it wasn't green, and it wasn't in a garden. Next, she envisioned a "sea", but it had no waves or boats. A "bee" then unexpectedly appeared, but it did not sting her. Shockingly, she then encountered an "eye", but it didn't blink or wink at her. Finally, she reported to the psychiatrist, "And then I saw "you" in my dream, but "you" did not speak to me." The psychiatrist quickly analyzed the woman’s story and told her, "That was no dream you had. If you want these "dreams" to stop, you've got to stop eating your favorite food so late at night!" What was the food the psychiatrist told the woman to stop eating, and what exactly was going on here?


The psychiatrist knew of the woman’s regular habit of eating a bowl of alphabet soup just before going to bed each night. This was the reason for her dreaming about the various letters of the alphabet she had seen while eating —— in this case —— the letters J, P, C, B, I, and U.

Dream or Reality? Riddle Meme.
Dream or Reality? Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.