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Riddle: The land is white. The seed is black. It will take a good scholar To riddle me that.
Answer: A book.
Riddle: In the realm of intellect and wit, where riddles intertwine, a labyrinthine puzzle tests the sharpest mind. Within this riddle's depths, a story of knights and kings and a treasure untold shall unfold. Imagine a mighty chessboard, with sixty-four squares so grand, where black and white alternate, a captivating land. Upon this board, two knights are placed, noble in their might. Their mission: to find the treasure hidden out of sight. But here's the twist, the tricky part, the puzzle's cunning scheme: the knights must journey together, a duo they must seem. One knight moves north, then two steps to the right, while the other takes a diagonal leap, a path both swift and light. They continue their pursuit, weaving through the chessboard's squares, till they've visited each and every one, proving their thorough care. Now comes the question, the riddle's hidden key: how many times did their paths cross, tell me if you see. Remember, their moves are synchronized, each step taken as a pair. Calculate their crossings, and unravel the secret with care.
Answer: To find the number of times the paths of the two knights cross, we need to analyze their movements on the chessboard. Let's assign coordinates to the squares of the chessboard. We can label the columns as A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H (from left to right), and the rows as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (from bottom to top). Now, let's examine the movements of the knights. The first knight moves one square north and two squares to the right, which can be represented as (2, 1) on the coordinate plane. The second knight takes a diagonal leap, moving one square northeast, which can be represented as (1, 1). We'll start by assuming the initial position of both knights is (0, 0). Now, let's track their movements: The first knight moves to (2, 1). The second knight moves to (1, 1). The first knight moves to (3, 2). The second knight moves to (2, 3). The first knight moves to (4, 4). By analyzing their movements, we can see that the knights' paths intersected once at the coordinate (2, 3). Therefore, the answer is that the paths of the knights cross once.
Riddle: Two teenagers, covered in tattoos and dressed in black leather jackets with chains around their necks, strutted into a local business. Each of the teens was carrying a long, tapered, hardwood stick. When they entered the room, they arrogantly announced in a loud voice, "We are here to beat everyone in this room, and no one can stop us!" Several of the patrons started to leave out the back door, fearing a confrontation was unavoidable. The two, true to their words, proceeded to beat everyone in the room with their sticks, despite being heavily outnumbered. Everyone who dared to stand up to them was beaten in turn, but no one called the police to stop the beatings, and the owner of the establishment thanked them for coming --- and even welcomed them back! Has society completely fallen to pieces, or is there some rational explanation for these events?
Answer: The two talented teens had gone to either a local youth center, or to a local pool hall, where they successfully challenged and defeated each of the willing patrons there in the game of pool.
Riddle: What goes in the water red, and comes out black?
Answer: Iron.
Riddle: Slam slam slam all day long slam slam slam some fast, some slow something solid. flat and sturdy its friend lights up the night and is sensitive to the eye slam slam slam A through Z 1,2,3 black as night. What am I?
Answer: A Computer keyboard.
Riddle: Black and Blue. Red and Green. Yellow and Blue. Green and Grey. I am all colours. You can try to get close to me, but you can't escape my vision. If you get greedy, you will try to take your colours for yourself, but before you know it, I will be eating you for lunch. What am I?
Answer: A Chameleon.
Riddle: I am sometimes green, I am sometimes yellow and green. When I'm green, I have many white babies inside me; and when yellow and green, I have many black babies inside of me and is sweet. What am I?
Answer: Pawpaw.
Riddle: Natalie had fourteen balls. Each one color. She alternated the colors each day, there were blue, pink, purple, green, red, yellow, black, white, orange, turquoise, tan, neon pink, and brown. Each day of the week she also alternated fast food places. McDonald's, Chick-fil-A, In-and-out, Wendy's, Good Eats, Burger King, and Arby's None in respective order. What day of the week will she go to Arby's? What ball will she have while she is at Arby's?
Answer: She will go to Arby's on Monday, for that is the first day of the week and A is the first letter of the alphabet. So on Tuesday she would go to Burger King. On Wednesday she would go to Chick-fil-A. And so on. She would have a Red Ball On Monday, because red is the first color of the rainbow. So on Tuesday she would have a Orange ball. And so on.
Riddle: I'm sometimes white, Although sometimes I'm black. I take you there, But never bring you back. What am I?
Answer: I'm a Hearse.
Riddle: What do you get when you cross Beyonce with a black hole?
Answer: A single-lady-ty (singularity/single lady)