Riddle Count: 3
Riddle: A mountaineer enters town by llama on Friday, staying there for 3 days before leaving. He leaves on Wednesday. How could this be?
Answer: His llama is called Wednesday.
Riddle: You are driving a bus with 24 children. 9 girls and 15 boys. 3 boys get off and 5 girls replace them. What colour is the driver's eyes?
Answer: The colour of your eyes, you're the driver!
The Bus DRiver's E Riddle Meme.
The Bus DRiver's E Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: A plane travels from Sydney to Beijing, leaving on Thursday 1:00pm, taking exactly 24hrs to travel. The plane lands at 10:00am. What happened with the plane?
Answer: Nothing. Beijing is 3hrs behind Sydney.