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Riddle: Cameron Fitzgerald, a famous scientist, was found killed in his laboratory. Detective R.I. Dill was called to the scene. The only clue was a written note saying "66, 57, 7 - P.T" Detective Dill found 4 suspects who were nearby at the time of the murder. Jake Willow, Cameron's best friend, Samantha Fitzgerald, Cameron's wife, Dylan Hemlok, Cameron's assistant, and Amy Dill, Det. Dill's sister and Cameron's chauffeur. After re-reading the note, Detective Dill immediately knew who it was. Who was the killer and how did Detective Dill know? (Hint - The answer is science-related)
Answer: It was Dylan. The note was referring to the periodic table of elements, a.k.a 'P.T' The numbers 66, 57 and 7 are (in order): Dysprosium, Lanthanum and Nitrogen. Dysprosium is symbolized by 'Dy', Lanthanum for 'La' and Nitrogen is 'N'.
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Riddle: On February 28th in New York Museum, at quarter-past midnight, a security guard named Ollie Bulb is found murdered in the Latin exhibits, along with the "Mythical Crystal Tear of Cepa" missing. Around Ollie are glass shards. Detective Dill is at it again! Detective Dill finds 4 suspects that were in the museum during the murder. Sal Spudder, another security guard says, "I was at the Egyptian exhibits from 9 PM to 1 PM. But Chauncey was at the Latin exhibits at 12:15 PM, though!" Chauncey Chantenay, a scientist studying some artifacts says, "Yes, I was at the Latin exhibit, but I left by 12:20 PM cuz' of the police!" Horace Radische, a security guard visiting on his off day says, "I admit, going here exactly at midnight was a bad choice. Except, the police were already here when I arrived!" Beatrice Lutz, the museum caretaker says, "Gah! That bloody rat! Oh, sorry, I was cleaning the bathrooms between 11:45 PM and 12:25 PM." Upon receiving the autopsy report, it reports that Ollie was killed at 12:10 PM by a glass object. Because she heard every valid witness, Detective Dill immediately knew who it was. Who did Det. Dill suspect and why? And what had happened to the "Mythical Crystal Tear of Cepa"?
Answer: Horace Radische. Detective Dill knew he lied because he said that by midnight, the police were already there. But if Ollie was murdered at 12:10 PM and he was found at quarter-past, how were the police already there? And for the "Mythical Crystal Tear of Cepa"? It was the murder weapon. Horace smashed Ollie in the head with the artifact and upon contact it shattered, and Ollie collapsed due to the sheer force impacted on his head. Hence the death, the shards, and the missing artifact.
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