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Riddle: Mike, Jack, and Jim were triplets. When they were ten a mysterious lady gave them each tickets and said they were time tickets good for a round trip to any time and place. Jim immediately used his ticket to go to 10 mins in the past to get a popsicle. After that he traveled forward 10 mins to the present time. 10 years later Mike used his ticket to travel 30 mins into the past to try and stop a car crash that killed his girlfriend. After he did that he realized he lost his ticket so he just let time catch up to him. 12 years later Jack used his ticket to travel exactly 100 years into the future to see how far tech has advanced. after spending a year in this time he goes back exactly 100 years back into the present. Who is the oldest sibling now?
Answer: Mike, because he went 30 minutes from the past and let time catch up while the others traveled back to the present. Therefore he is older by 30 minutes.
The Time Travelers  Riddle Meme.
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