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Riddle: I have a head body and arm but no blood. I have eyes but can't see, nose but can't smell. I have a stage but haven't seen anyone perform. I have arms but can not carry anything you see things with me but you can't see what I a am made of. What am I?
Answer: A microscope.
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The Ply

Author: lava
Riddle: I never die but I am very bright. I can see everything but I don't move. I don't have blood but something inside of me is still running. What am I?
Answer: The sun.
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Riddle: I share people who you love. My fifth letter is in letter but not in mutt. if you cut off two heads I become what you do to hit some one with a weapon. I can have designes but I might be blank. My second letter is in racing but not in lace. If your you cut my first head and last head I become something you do to break a lock door. My third letter is in blanket but not in brother my fourth letter is in information but not in rational. My first letter is not in same but is in fame Sometime I can show your hard work. I can mean something boring or something that is really important not to do. I rhyme with two words in this riddle. What am I?
Answer: Frame.
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