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Riddle: An 18 year old man wanted to join a club for 23 year old people. To make sure that only people 23 and over get in, there is a password. The 18 year old decided he was going to listen to the password when someone gets in. The first day he went there was a guard at the door. When a 23 year old came the guard said "12". The 23 year old said "6". The 18 decided that he was going to wait for another person before trying himself. Another man came. The guard said "6". The man said "3" and got in. The next day the 18 year old went. The guard said "10". The 18 year old said "5". He was arrested for trespassing. Why?
Answer: The answer to the question was the amount of letters when you write the number down in words so he should have said 3.
The 23's Club Riddle Meme.
The 23's Club Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.