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Riddle: You are randomly selected and told that you can win a prize or die. You just have two options and have to survive through any one of them. The options include eating from bowls of 5 apples. The first, you have to eat 3 apples, two of which, are poisonous. The second, you have to eat 2 apples, three of which, are poisonous. There is no way of telling which is poisonous or not and the symptoms don't show up until 2 hours after you have eaten them. They tell you that if you do not eat 3 or 2 apples within 2 hours, you are immediately disqualified. You also will not die from eating one poisonous apples, but you will if you eat 2 poisonous apples. Which bowl should you choose from?
Answer: You should choose from the first bowl. (at least according to my math). The first has a 10% higher probability of success. The first one has more possible outcomes where you can choose safe picks. I don't want to go into full calculations as this burned my brain too, so you probably won't understand graphical information when it is written too. Just use compound events that are dependent events and sample space.
Poisonous apples in bowls. Riddle Meme.
Poisonous apples in bowls. Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.