Regina Mills

Riddle Count: 5
Riddle: On the 1st day of school the history teacher was killed. The police interviewed the coach, the principal, the math teacher and the gardener. The coach said he was working out in the gym, the principal was in his office, the math teacher was holding a mid-year test and the gardener was cutting bushes. The police arrested the guy right away. Who did they arrest?
Answer: The Math Teacher.
Murder at school Riddle Meme.
Murder at school Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: A serial killer kidnapped people and made them take 1 of 2 pills: one was harmless, and the other was poisonous. Whichever pill a victim took, the serial killer took the other one. The victim took their pill with water and died. The killer survived. How did the killer always get the harmless pill?
Answer: Both of the pills were harmless. The poison was in the glass of water the victim drank.
 2 pills Riddle Meme.
2 pills Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: Once on a winter day, John found his friend dead in his own house. John called the police and said that he was just passing by Jack's house and decided to come in. He'd been knocking and ringing the bell for a long time, but all was silent. However, he could see the light in the room through a frozen window. He breathed on the iced window glass and saw Jack on the floor. The police arrested John as the main suspect. Why?
Answer: John wouldn’t be able to unfreeze the window glass because it’s usually icy on the inside.
Frozen windows Riddle Meme.
Frozen windows Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: A lonely old man lived in his house in the suburb of a city. He never left the house for long. It was a midsummer Friday when the mailman walked by and called out for the man. There was no answer. The mailman looked into the window and saw him in a pool of blood. When the policeman arrived, he found Tuesday's newspaper, 2 bottles of warm milk, and 1 bottle of cold milk. The next day, the killer was arrested. How did the police find out who it was so quickly?
Answer: The Mailman.
A lonely man Riddle Meme.
A lonely man Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: A famous chemist was murdered in his own lab. There was no evidence except for a piece of paper with the names of chemical substances on it. On the day he was murdered, the chemist had only 3 visitors: his wife, Mary, his nephew Nicolas, and his friend Johnathan. The police arrested the murderer right away. How did they know who it was?
Answer: The piece of paper had a clue on it. If you combine the short names of the chemical substances on the paper, you’ll get a name: Ni-C-O-La-S.
Chemical substances Riddle Meme.
Chemical substances Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.